Short, fast and wet – 3rd September 1996

My Tuesday 3rd Tizzy is a great little hamster. She gets a bit nervous though but it does say in the book that they might be at first.

As I said, I did go to Bolton Water Splash. It was great! These are the pools and rides.

September 1996 - River Rapids

This is great. Short, fast and wet. It has a tunnel, a hump and a whirlpool to finish. You go down on an inflatable hoop thing.

September 1996 - 2 Flumes

These are fast. One is slightly longer than the other. They are fun.

September 1996 - Main pool

The main pool is good. It has a fast flowing river and a wave machine. Those are not always on. There’s a waterfall too.

September 1996 - Fountains

This pool has fountains.

September 1996 - Bolton Water Place

There is also a jacuzzi and racing swimming pool. Oh yes, and a baby one.

The two male P.E. teachers were there too with Mr B’s son. (Little boy) [Sure? Definitely not a girl?]

Emma and Sadie came back here for a bit. We also took Hayley’s card this evening. She’s 14 today!


Abby’s Tuesday 3rd Hi. We went to Bolton Water Splash today with Emma and Sadie.

My hamster seems to be settling in ok so far. He gets his new cage tomorrow. I haven’t thought of a name yet.

I’m going to watch Eastenders now.

Bye x

[Abby just wasn’t as dedicated to providing ridiculous levels of detail (with diagrams) for every part of her day. Not sure she fully embraced this diary business!]

4 thoughts on “Short, fast and wet – 3rd September 1996

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