Uh, why did she have to ask him out? – 6th March 1998

Friday 6th It was an okay day except for some of the people that came ice skating with us. There were no interesting lads, not even Freddie. The only ones that did go were bloody Davis and Theo! You can’t get much worse than that! There was also me, Emma, Georgia, Rachael, Olivia, Jade Hancock and Lena.

I can skate backwards now. I’ve tried before but not properly coz it’s usually busy.

I don’t think I’ll ever go anywhere with Ferny other than school and I’m not even in any of his lessons. I dunno why he and Freddie didn’t turn up today. The rest of ‘em had excuses. Dougie had a tennis lesson, Jez was having a knee operation, Ralph’s ill and… oh, that’s it really innit.

I could’ve done with an extra week in Austria, then maybe summit might have happened between me and Ferny coz we were getting on quite well. [I’m 99% sure that, even with an extra month in Austria, absolutely nothing would’ve happened between us, for I was rubbish at boy stuff.] He just ignores me now in school. I’d start summit up about me fancying him or summit like that to get attention but he probably wouldn’t react coz of Hayley.

Uh, why did she have to ask him out?


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