He started doing hip thrusts – 5th March 1998

Thursday 5th Well, I wouldn’t have missed much if I hadn’t gone tonight. Not even Dougie turned up. He told Ed he was too tired. It was only me, Hayley, Emma, Georgia, Rachael and Ed. Jez might have come if Freddie hadn’t told him we were watching Titanic and I don’t think anyone even asked Ferny.

As for ice skating, Georgia and Rachael probably can’t go which leaves me stuck with just Emma and Freddie coz none of his mates will be going. To make matters worse, I’ve been told that Davis, Lindsey Bullman, Josie Nichol and loads of other people I can’t bloody well stand are going as well. What a great day I’m going to have.


Jez was paying me a lot of attention today. In Geography (before his tongue started falling off again when some stitches came out) he came over to my desk and he started doing hip thrusts. He did it again when he was lining up outside Spanish with Ferny and I was outside Art. Ferny said, “She’s not impressed” so I told him to try it on Georgia.

He decided to show me his tongue again too. Strange boy. Then he told me to tell Georgia that they’d have to put their plans on hold ‘til his tongue was better. I think he was joking.


2 thoughts on “He started doing hip thrusts – 5th March 1998

  1. His tongue started falling off!! This is both horrifying and hilarious at the same time.

    Hi Tess! I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and thought it was finally time to leave a comment. I’m absolutely loving it – it’s been bringing back so many memories of my teenage years. I’m the same age as you meaning we would have been in the same year at school so I’m totally relating to everything you write. I also love how it flows like a story from one day to the next – I’m always eager to read the next instalment to find out what happens!



    • Hello Nicola! It’s always nice to hear from people that have been enjoying reading my diaries… which I never thought I’d say, even a couple of years ago. Once upon a time I would’ve seriously considered emigrating had someone read them!

      Teenage boys are grim, aren’t they?! Well, the ones in my school in the 90s were, at least!

      Thanks for leaving your message – it’s cheered me right up at the end of a very long day 🙂


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