He’s just so creepy and sleazy – 11 & 13th October 1997

Saturday 11th


0-0 against Italy but England were top of their group and have got the points to qualify. It’s brilliant! Paul Ince was man of the match which is right coz he’s been running round with 3 stitches, a glob of Vaseline and a bandage all on his head and blood stained shirt but he carried. Nice one, England!

Hayley came today. We didn’t really do much. She brought a phone number with her though of an advert she’s seen on Granada asking teenage kids to come and be an audience on a new footy programme and she said you have to cheer and do Mexican Waves and stuff.

We phoned up but there was an answering machine and she didn’t know what to say.


Monday 13th Not much has happened today. Oh, except Lizzie’s going out with Davis. Urgh! It’s sick! Outside English he said, “It’s cold out here, isn’t it Lizzie?” and he stood behind her and put his hands on her shoulders and slid them down her arms to her waist. I nearly puked between laughing hysterically!

He’s just so creepy and sleazy all the time and Lena said to me. “Urgh, that could’ve been me!” He is gross though. I think I preferred Lizzie going out with Ralph. At least he ignored her mostly!

I shouldn’t be so snidey really coz if she likes him then that’s all that matters. YEAH RIGHT! It’s not just Lizzie that has to have him around coz wherever we go, she comes and so does he!

I sort of told Lizzie and Emma some of this and now they reckon I’m jealous coz she’s got a boyfriend and I haven’t had one yet. I don’t tell ‘em everything though, do I?! [Yes. Yes I did. I even wrote a few days ago that I’d never had a boyfriend and they’d know if I had because I would tell them.]

Does everybody know I fancy Dougie?! [Probably. I was pretty bloody obvious.] Jill Baines was talking about him this morning and everyone looked at me! She was saying that he’s the sort of lad that, if you took him home, your parents would like and he’s good when it comes to homework! She’s probably right!

I’ve seen him a couple of times today. Once at lunch when he was on a bench by us. I didn’t actually notice him until he walked off into the library. He turned round and grinned at me, you know, that hamstery one!

2nd time was when we were lining up to go into French. He walked up the stairs and Hayley said, “Are you still coming skating on Saturday?” I think he said, “I dunno” but I was watching, not listening. Anyway, when he turned the corner to go up the other set of stairs, I looked up and he was watching me as he walked up so I smiled and he did it back all the way up til he went out of view. [Maybe it was a bit like when you keep an eye on an unnerving spider until it’s definitely buggered off.]

Emma doesn’t believe me. She thinks I’m imagining it all. I don’t know if she doesn’t believe me or doesn’t want to believe me.

It was Open Evening at school tonight. Very boring Sat listening to Swing Band.


P.S. Like the green?! [I’d got a pack of different coloured cartridges for my fountain pen.]

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