Jez decided to show me his tongue – 8th & 9th March 1998

Sunday 8th I went to Manchester with Mum, Dad and Abby today. Hold on, whilst I’m on the subject of Manchester, United got beaten yesterday 2-0 by Sheff Wed. Bugger!

Anyway, we went shopping for trainers for me and my sis. She didn’t get any but I got a pair of suede Ellesse ones. We also got International Rally Championships for the computer. My cousins have got it, it’s brilliant.

I’ve got this stupid great piece of wood to take into school tomorrow for Art. It’s a 96cm by 48cm thing of hardboard and it’s bloody awkward. [So awkward that nobody could ever be bothered to put it in the car and take it to the tip. It’s still in the house today…]


Mum’s gonna have to run me to school earlier so I can drop it off and then pick me up after school too. Ferny’ll probably be there with his sister too, just to make things worse.

Emma gave me a copy of her skiing photos. There’s some really funny ones of Ralph, Jez and Ferny. [And some really horrific ones of me…]


[Here I am, disco-ready. It’s more than likely that the only reason Ferny lent me his fleece was to conceal my velour crop top and matching blouse-thing.]


Monday 9th Jez decided to show me his tongue for the 3rd time today. Wow, what a privelidge! [Spellchecker is very unhappy about that one.] NOT! It’s disgusting! There’s a bit flapping off where the stitches must have come out. URGH!

Well, that’s been the highlight of my day really coz now else has happened.


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