I hope it’s not too lethal or I won’t be snogging him – 25th December 2001

I got woken up pretty early this morning by Tom and Minnie. Auntie S had done the usual thing of leaving chewed up carrots and raisins and a small puddle of water (reindeer mess!) all over the place cos Minnie still believes in Father Christmas.

I didn’t get many presents. I wasn’t expecting to though cos I had a laptop for my birthday. There was nothing I really wanted anyway.

Jonas texted me to say his family are having a sing-along to him playing the guitar and he’s stuffed. He said he got 7 jumpers and a lip spike. Hmm, I hope it’s not too lethal or I won’t be snogging him!

Christmas dinner was reeeally nice. It’s snowing too….. properly….. as in blizzards!! Yey!!!

Rhian, Abby and I went out in Wick to meet some of Rhian’s mates. We had a snowball fight and then went sledging down the hill by Safeway and behind Boots. It was fun until it got really, really cold and some scallies turned up.


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