Scrabbling about in the mud with no shirt on – 12th November 2001

Monday 12th 

I’m 19 years old now! As soon as it got past midnight, Kevin let me open the rest of my presents from him. He bought me a Chris Moose (a big fluffy toy moose from BHS which should really be a Christmassy thing but I said I liked them so he bought me one) and a reindeer thing that has sweets for droppings. He was going for the Christmas theme, I think!

During today I had loads of messages wishing me Happy Birthday from people like Ben, my sister, Lizzie, Layla and Jake. Gethin and Denny phoned me too from a train on their way back to Aberystwyth. I had loads of cards from people too.

In our Geography lecture, Jen showed me a message that Kevin sent to her. It said that he hopes we get back together cos it’s frustrating when he’s with me and he can’t “hold her in my arms”. It’s sweet but didn’t half make me cringe!

Loads of people came out for my birthday tonight. We all started in the Arbar and then got the Vodka Bus down to Revolution where Ben decided to tell me he’d had sex with Jodie 3 days ago. I’d rather not have known actually.

After that and a lot of vodka, we all went to Camel Club. I got my birthday announced by the DJ about 5 times which was cool. Jake was in there and I was stood in the corner talking to him for quite a while. He brought me a box of chocolates and a card round before I went out and talked to me for a bit before I gave him an article Dad found about his course problems, then he hugged me and left. This is the label off my present:

When we got back to Storthes I went up to Archie’s flat for a bit so he could give me presents (chocolate and a cow that releases jelly beans out of its back end!) and I noticed a bit of paper on the kitchen wall for visitors to sign. Jake had signed it so I drew a little stick man by his name. I immediately wished I hadn’t done it cos he’s probably always in the flat but it was too late. Ah well!

I then got a phone call from Ben saying to meet him in our block with my torch so I went. He dragged me into the woods where his flatmate Jon (who I’d been trying to set Jen up with) was scrabbling about in the mud with no shirt on looking for his trainer which had sunk in a ditch!

I just stood and watched with Ben who kept saying I was a bit of a bitch and too quiet and I always looked grumpy. Charming! I went back to my flat (upset) to find Marc being carted away in an ambulance. He’d got really pissed and was shaking and seeing things so he reckoned someone spiked his drink.

Kevin and Jen came over (after sitting outside talking about me for ages) and were being nice to me.

Ben rang my phone later and apologised for having a go at me. I had said I didn’t really like his girl flatmates though. Kevin was stood listening outside my door and stormed off cos he thought there was something going on between me and Ben. Prick!


P.S. I’ve gone off Ben after tonight.

The letter Lizzie sent in her card to me:

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