I’m beginning to get the impression that I annoy people – 14th November 2001

Wednesday 14th  I’m beginning to get the impression that I annoy people. Kevin said I annoyed Jen last night cos I was messing about trying to get her with Jon. Ben obviously doesn’t like me much and Kevin seems to think I’m pathetic for not really liking Ben’s flatmates or Jake’s flatmates.

I texted Jake a lot today. I started it by apologising for talking about Bronwen and drawing the stick man but he said it didn’t matter and that I should go skiing. He said it’s just that the girls in his flat hate Bronwen and were annoyed (see, more people!) cos I mentioned her. He says they’re jealous of her cos she’s good looking and they’re very protective over him and the other lads in his flat. Sad cows!

I went to town tonight. Nothing much happened.


This is my draft reply to Lizzie’s letter:

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