He’s bound to have stalkers cos he’s so niiiiice – 23rd & 24th December 2001

Sunday 23rd  My family and I travelled up to Stirling today. It started snowing at home just before we left but there was none at all in Scotland.

I sent Jonas a text when I was a bit drunk. I think I said I wanted a cuddle cos he replied, “What’s with all the big and little letters? Here’s a big HUGGLE. x” I had a few more messages from him too saying he was at his auntie’s and then, “U only sent 2 txts when u were drunk. Ur picture is above my bed for all to see + say how bonne you are! : ) dogs through the window? Cool! x” The bit about dogs was in reply to me telling him we had to sneak Mollie into the Travelodge through the window. When he said ‘bonne’, does he mean ‘bonnie’? Hope so! 🙂


Monday 24th  I was right, I think. I had a message off Jonas today saying, “Bonne – pretty in Scottish: my mum uses it a lot. Xmas 2mw. Oh r u excited? Still up 4 New Year yep; have to give me details and stuff! : ) x”

I say a sign for Forres where Jonas used to live. It’s 22 miles from where I was sat in Tesco car park in Inverness. I had more texts from Jonas saying he was getting pissed with the cousin he’s going to snog. I’d be joking before he went about not snogging his cousins so I’m assuming he was joking too! I’m a bit worried anyway. He could get pissed and go out and do stuff with people. He’s bound to have stalkers cos he’s so niiiiice and I don’t know what he’s really doing. Ugh, got to stop thinking!

We finally got to Wick this evening. Abby and I went with our cousin Rhian to deliver Christmas presents to her mates. We then went to Midnight Mass with Auntie S, Uncle G and our little cousin Tom. Other little cousin, Minnie, stayed at home. I wasn’t in the best of moods cos Abby and Rhian were being all chummy and going on about how they want to go to Glasgow Uni together and excluding me. Then when I was in church, I found myself really close to tears cos it reminded me of Grandma L’s funeral. That was the last time I’d been there.

After Midnight Mass, we all went round to the minister’s house. It was full of old people so we went and watched Mission Impossible 2 in his son Matthew’s room.


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