We heard noises like breaking glass – 12th October 2001

Friday 12th I had a message from Kevin today saying, “SORRY FOR BEING SO DRUNK + ANNOYING LAST NIGHT. I BET U THINK U’VE PICKED UP ANOTHER STALKER!” He only sent me a couple of messages and rang me once to see where I was. He was being nice to me again today and helping me with my Chemistry and photocopying notes for me. He also kept holding my wrist or hand so he could look at my watch himself. Then he suggested going to the cinema tonight so I agreed.

However, we didn’t end up going cos we wanted to see American Pie 2 but couldn’t book tickets cos his mobile doesn’t work and mine kept cutting off. So, we went into town again instead with my flatmate Layla, Claire off Layla’s course and her flatmate. It was quite a good night in the end. Kevin bought me some drinks and kept standing right by me and putting his hands on my waist and stuff when I was walking through crowds.

We ended up losing the others so we got a taxi back up to Storthes Hall (where we live) and ate bacon butties in my kitchen. It wasn’t really too late and we got bored so we decided to go for a wander up to the old derelict hospital buildings. We didn’t get very far up the road before it got really dark and we heard noises like breaking glass coming from the direction we were heading in. It was a bit scary so we changed our minds and went back. Kevin held my hand just as it got scary and he didn’t let go afterwards either. 🙂

I had the problem of being locked out of the flat when I got back so we had to go to the security guys so I could be let back in. They didn’t mind but said I might get fined £5 or something depending on which bloke is on duty if I do it again.

We went back and sat in my kitchen and just talked for ages after that. Kevin told me his parents are divorced and he’s got a 17 year old sister called Laura. I think he said he’s from somewhere around Preston and he went to Lancaster Uni for a year but got kicked out cos he missed an exam which he thought was in the afternoon but was actually in the morning. He then took a year out and worked before coming to Huddersfield. He’s 20 but only about 18 months older than me cos his birthday’s in the summer, I think.

We were sat really close all the time and he was holding my hand and rubbing my back which was nice. We didn’t kiss until he left (at about 7:10am!) but that was really nice too. 🙂


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