I’m starting to like Marc but I really don’t want to – 30th September 2001

Sunday 30th I was in all day again today and I was bored so I started drawing Cat from one of the photos on my wall from London.

I was quite pleased with it actually cos I think it’s a pretty good likeness.

I was getting messages from Storecard again all day and I ended up telling him to piss off. I didn’t say it quite so bluntly but I think he got the message eventually.

Layla, Lewis and Violet all went home this weekend and, eventually, Layla and Lewis came back tonight. They didn’t want to go out though so I went to the Arbar with Marc and a couple of his mates. I quite fancied the one called Chris wearing the “Made in England” shirt. There are too many Chris’s so I’ll refer to him as Chris # cos I don’t know his last name.

I also really do think I’m starting to like Marc but I really don’t want to. I watched Cruel Intentions with him when I got back from a party in Flat 2. He left with me which must’ve looked dodgy! Marc told me that he’s had stalkers and girls have said he’s got a nice voice (true) and looks a bit like Prince William/Ryan Phillipe (I wish!).

I spoke to Katy tonight. She’s really homesick and the girls in her flat are really girly and the lads are being mean cos they think she slept with some lad the other night and so are constantly taking the piss.

I’ve just remembered something funny that Lewis said. Chris # said, “Do you collected flies or summit?!” when he came in our kitchen earlier and Lewis piped up, “Yeh, do you like ‘em? They’ve all got names.” I don’t know why it was so funny, I think it was just how he said it so seriously.

All I seem to have been doing this weekend is laughing. Marc and I couldn’t stop before when a documentary was on about Detectives Thromp and Stroop.


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