We’ve renamed him Dick – 11th October 2001

Thursday 11th

Hellooooo!! 🙂 I’ve still not got used to writing my diary in my little room at Huddersfield Uni instead of at home. This new diary will be full of different things about all the new people I’ve met but I should still see and hear from my friends back in Warrington so they should be included in here somewhere. I hope so anyway.

Anyway, after a very rainy field trip yesterday for my course, I spent most of today carrying 12 soil samples round in my bag to give to Dr Dyke, our Earth Materials lecturer. After yesterday when he made us all ill and dripping wet, we’ve renamed him Dick but only as in Dick Van Dyke, you understand!

I don’t want to sound full of myself or anything but I think Kevin Mould on my course might quite like me. It’s not like I’ve got no reason to think that though. He was the only one being sympathetic today and said, “Poor Tess has to carry half a garden round all day” and he sent me a message this evening saying, “IF U DECIDE NOT TO GO HOME THIS WEEKEND U CAN COME OVER TO MY FLAT 4 SOME TEA ON SATURDAY IF U WANT COZ I’VE GOT A CHICKEN 2NITE WHICH IS 2 MUCH 4 1 PERSON”. He also told me to give him a ring tonight if I decide to go anywhere.

I actually had quite a crap night out in the end. Only Marc Huxley, Vi (I don’t actually know her surname) and I from my flat went out. We went into Huddersfield to Revolution and then to Bar Club Non but it just wasn’t as much fun. Apparently Kevin was out on his own but I didn’t see him anywhere.


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