Severely invaded by Morris dancers – 13th & 14th October 2001

Saturday 13th I came home today. I had to get the train and it was really late so I had to sit in the station (which had been severely invaded by Morris dancers for some reason!) for ages.

Kevin sent me a couple of messages but they didn’t say much and Marc rang me too but I’m not sure why!


Sunday 14th I went to Grandma S’s with Mum on the way back to uni today and ended up gaining £60. 🙂 Mum and Dad gave me £20 each and then Grandma gave me £10, forgot, and gave me another £10!

Kevin came round to my flat for a bit when I got back and then we went up to the Arbar pub thing here at Storthes to see some hypnotist bloke. Kevin was cuddling me all the time but didn’t kiss me once. We went up to the derelict hospital again with about 15 other people and it just wasn’t scary so 4 of us went into the woods. We didn’t last long. Blair Witch stuff kept running through my head!

When we got back to Claire’s flat there was a weird guy on the bottom floor who decided to throw baked beans and toast at us. Freak! There were also egg wars going on between Flat 2 + 3 of my block and it’s a right mess outside now.

Kevin and I just stood cuddling in the kitchen for ages. We kissed once but that was it. He said he might be going to Amsterdam for his 21st birthday and that I could go if I wanted. Erm… Amsterdam, me and a large group of lads. Yeah, I’m sure I’ll enjoy that one. NOT! Anyway, he’s talking like next June or something. Excuse me but I’ve only kind of been with him a few days.


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