He’s hardly a mosher – 2nd September 2001

Sunday 2nd Abby, Connor, Jake and I all went to One Big Sunday for Radio 1 at Victoria Park in Leicester today. We were all knackered cos it took us ages to get there and then couldn’t find any parking after getting up really early.

It was good apart from me getting upset over Jake and Wednesday, and Jake being in a foul mood for most of the day. I brought it up cos I could feel the tension and I wanted to get it sorted but he ended up saying I was getting on his nerves for going on about it and he said it “wasn’t my scene”. That made me laugh cos he’s hardly a mosher and was obviously just going to try and fit in with Niall and Emma etc. who he obviously worships.

He tried to cheer me up a bit later by prodding me and touching my nose. I did cheer up but only cos I wasn’t going to let him ruin my day. He pissed me off actually most of the time and made me cringe when he suddenly came all alive and sang when Coldplay came on, thinking he was cool knowing the words and stuff!

Connor nearly got himself battered at one point. Some girl sat on the shoulders of a bloke in front and he was complaining that he couldn’t see. Then this huge bloke next to us told Connor to chill out and, stupidly, Connor turned round and called him a knobhead. Luckily he didn’t react!

The people there today were pretty good actually. There was:

[Here are their songs from around that time for your listening pleasure/displeasure…]

I also found out what DJ Chris Moyles looked like.

On the way back, we got very lost and couldn’t find out way out of bloody Leicester. Jake had a missed call off Charlie, a girl from Canada, cos she was back from New Zealand and he was constantly texting people.

Jake gave me a hug and pressed my nose when he got out of the car.

I’m going to London on Tuesday! Yey!! I really wanted to go but had no money but Grandma gave me £50 for passing my exams. Cat’s going for her Club Europe interview and Gethin dropped out so I’m taking his place. 🙂


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