I “bounce” when I get excited – 31st August & 1st September 2001

Friday 31st I had a driving lesson this morning and then I went round to Sarah’s for a bit.

We did The Run [pub crawl] tonight because it’s Karen’s last one before she goes to uni tomorrow but she wasn’t told about it and didn’t turn up until late!

[Karen, Lizzie, me and Cat waiting for Karen’s last pre-uni takeaway midway along The Run.]

My phone somehow managed to ring Jake’s for about 15 minutes and wasted all £2 of my credit. The speed dial button for him must’ve been pressed while it was in my bag or something. Grr!! It did get us speaking again though cos I texted to apologise about the 15 min long answerphone silent message and he texted back saying he’ll ring me tomorrow if I still want him to go on Sunday.

I also had texts from Duncan. He told me Marc said I’d split up from Jake.

Sarah ring Michael in The Mossland and Michael said if he goes for a drink with Fit Jon, I can go too. 🙂 Mmm, Jon!

Sarah also told me that Michael said I remind him of Fizz out of the Tweenies cos I “bounce” when I get excited. Hmm!

Lizzie had a message from the lad she snogged on Tuesday saying they had a crap night after we left. 🙂


Saturday 1st A group of us went to Denny’s tonight to watch the England v Germany match.

Jake was there and didn’t say much but I don’t care. He said he was okay and then left.

There were some funny things said by the commentators during the match referring mainly to Jancker and Seaman. We saw the dirty side! For example, when talking about Jancker, they said he was a bit of a “handful” and that the other players need to “get to grips” with him! They also said things like “Seaman’s all over the ball” and “Seaman’s just come out of the goal”! Hee hee!! 🙂


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