An official warning about cougars – 11th & 12th January 2001

Thursday 11th
12 weeks to go!

Well, this really is it now… he’s gone! 😦

I didn’t go to college this morning because I was too tired. I wasn’t too upset until he phoned me from Heathrow Airport but then hearing his voice set me off crying. It wasn’t a long conversation, he just told me he was nervous and that he keeps filling up. So do I!

I got a text message from him tonight when he got to Canada. It just said he was at the airport, had to go through customs and he’d ring tomorrow. I was really disappointed cos I really wanted to speak to him. I texted him but he didn’t text back.


Friday 12th
11 weeks + 6 days to go! [It looks like I did actually keep this up for the entire time Jake was in Canada.]

When I woke up this morning, I was really disappointed to find he still hadn’t texted me back. He told me he would when he got to Banff so I was quite a bit worried. I just about managed to convince myself that he must have no signal, although scenes of a horrific coach accident were in the back of my mind!

When I got in from college, Abby answered the door and told me Jake had phoned about 5 minutes before. So, I was sat by the phone waiting for him to ring back and eventually he did. He told me that he’d got there and it’s -10oC! He’s sharing a big room in his hotel with a southerner called Rob. He then told me that they’d all had an official warning about cougars! Oh, great! 😦

Tonight, a BIG group of us did The Run [a local pub crawl through my village]. I actually really enjoyed myself! The group of us included Robbie Taylor (Jake’s brother) and Declan Churchill cos Gethin invited them. MiniTaylor (Robbie) was saying that Jake hadn’t phoned home so I had to tell him what he’d said to me.

We did actually manage to do every pub [there were 7 in a mile and a half along the main road through my village] up until The Coach and Horses in the next village which we were quite pleased about. I even forced myself to go in The Green Dragon but I refused to buy anything from there!

Big Paul started giving me advice at one point. He said he knows it’s hard being without Jake but it will get easier. I told him I wasn’t bothered yet and he told me that I will be soon! Cheers, Paul! It was good advice up until that point!

Now for the gossip….. Lizzie, Maisie and Gethin were all after Declan tonight. Gethin had no chance, Maisie warned off Lizzie but Declan actually liked Lizzie and they ended up going with [snogging] each other in The Coach.

There was also a possibility something might’ve happened between Emma and MiniTaylor because he’s following in his brother’s footsteps and now fancies her. She seemed up for it cos she was sat on him and was holding his hand and stuff.

Sarah, Gethin and I all went back to Gethin’s for a bit afterwards. Gethin was depressed about Declan, Sarah was depressed about Maz and I was beginning to get a bit depressed about Jake being away. So, for therapy, we all sat there and slagged off Hayley!


P.S. I sent Jake this email today. →

12-01-01 Tess email

I sent Jake these 2 mails when I got in tonight. →

12-01-01 Email to Jake 1


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