Like some sort of pimp – 29th March 2001

Thursday 29th
1 week to go!!! 🙂

Sarah offered Cat £50 today for a loan of Mr L! Cat refused so Sarah said she’d have her £70 instead! I think she was joking but Cat wouldn’t let her anyway cos she said that’d make her like some sort of pimp!

It was funny in Sports Studies today. There’s this girl in the year below me called Kyla Hague who thinks she’s hard (and probably is!), is a bit on the large side and has panda-style eye make-up. Basically, she’s a bit scary! She’s alright towards me and my friends cos she hangs round in our common room but everyone is really wary of getting on the wrong side of her cos she’s got a bit of a psycho streak!

Anyway, she’s been trying to organise a Stars In Their Eyes concert thing to raise money for Kosovan children or something and she wants the teachers to do it, including Mr P-K, my really fit Sports Studies teacher. Graham Baxter asked him in the lesson whether Kyla had found him cos she’d been looking for him and Mr P-K turned round with a look of fear in his eyes and started telling us how he’d spent all week trying to keep away from her but every time he turns round, she’s there! He said she’s like some sort of scary shadow and that there’s something very dodgy about her! To top it off, Graham informed us that she’s known as Meatloaf to him and his mates cos she’s definitely got a look of him!

It was just so funny cos Kyla’s been making out that she and Mr P-K are like best mates at the moment but going by what he said, that’s complete bollocks!

We’ve got this calendar in our common room and it’s got all sort of stuff written on it that we’ve added over the last year or so, so it’s kind of good really. BUT Mr H took his Theatre Studies group in there to do a lesson (and chucked us out) and then he ripped down our calendar cos his class found it “offensive”! Twat!

It’s all silly bitches like Carly Jennings and Amber Watson in that class who think they’re so much better than us. It was so annoying! When they got out of our room, Gethin stole our calendar back out of Mr H’s office and put it back up. 🙂 He also discovered a huge lump of chewing gum stuck to the carpet in our room which wasn’t there before they had a lesson in there so Gethin complained to Mr H about it. I hope he bollocks them all!

Ahh, Mr B (my Geography teacher) is so cute! His wife’s just had a baby and he keeps telling us about baby Joe sneezing and things. It’s just so sweet cos he gets all soppy about him!

Jake rang at about 8:50pm. He said things went okay this morning cos he didn’t have to do any teaching. He said he will come to Norway with me in search of lemmings cos I really want to see some after we did about them in my Biology lesson! He told me that it had been a misunderstanding in a text message that caused Rob (his roommate) to rush to the phone while Jake was emailing me. His girlfriend hadn’t dumped him.

Abby told me this morning that she’s doing her purple belt at kickboxing next week. I was telling Jake about it and got a bit upset cos I want to do it as well and not have tingly body parts. He said he really wanted to give me a hug and that he loves me. 🙂


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I might skive college – 20th March 2001

Tuesday 20th
2 weeks + 2 days to go!

I stayed off college again today cos I still wasn’t feeling quite better this morning. Sarah texted me after she finished college and told me that I didn’t miss much.

I’ve had a few emails from Michael Amhurst recently. He seems interested in Jake’s Beetle and kept asking me stuff about it but I haven’t got a clue what the answers are!

Jake phoned me at about 4:35pm today. He told me it might be the 6th April that he arrives home on, not the 5th like we thought. He’s not sure but he says he’ll find out today. We’ve decided anyway that if he does get back on Thurs 5th, we don’t want to meet in front of our families or in a bus stop or anything so we’ll wait until the Friday and I might skive college to see him cos we’ve got more chance of being alone then. He said he doesn’t mind coming out on the Friday night as long as he gets to see me on my own first because he doesn’t know how he’ll react so doesn’t want loads of people being around us.

He doesn’t know if he’s going to do his Level 2 assessment thing cos it’ll cost him an extra £250 to do it and he’s not entirely sure that he’s good enough to pass.

He kept saying that he wanted a hug and that he’d still love me even if I was paranoid! He said that cos I’d read an email that he sent Cat saying I was paranoid about the photos he’d put on his wall of me. He admits that it wasn’t the right word to use though. ‘Annoyed’ would’ve been more like it!

He went on about how he was watching S Club 7 all day on TV with his mates so I told him about Ioan Gruffudd being on the Westlife video!

I jokingly asked him if he’d gone off me at all, seeing as he hasn’t seen me for nearly  weeks but he said that not seeing me for so long has had completely the opposite effect! 🙂 Good!


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They’re all really “close” – 19th March 2001

Monday 19th
2 weeks + 3 days to go!

I stayed off college today. Mum wouldn’t have let me go in even if I’d wanted to cos she says I might infect everyone and I need rest anyway. I don’t think I was really up to going in anyway. I still felt really light-headed and had no energy this morning. I couldn’t get to sleep last night though. I kept needing a wee and having to get drinks cos my mouth was really dry.

Jake phoned me at about 4:30pm today. He wasn’t going skiing cos he says he’s too tired. He said he had a good time at that place he went to yesterday cos they were the only people there pretty much. He told me that he was speaking to some bloke who’s been to Barcelona and he apparently said that the part where our hotel is is the nice area.

Jake said if he had to choose, he’d rather go to Barcelona with me then have me go and visit him in Canada. When I asked why, he said that he wouldn’t want me getting suspicious cos they’re all really “close”. After he said that, he kept apologising cos he realised it sounded really bad! He told me that he just meant that he does want to see me but wouldn’t want me to be disappointed or have a bad time like this other lad’s girlfriend did. He said she sort of got left out cos she didn’t know anyone else. He assured me that I have no reason to be suspicious at all! He then kept saying how much he wants to come home and that he loves me. I should hope so! 🙂


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I’m a cool girlfriend – 5th & 6th March 2001

Monday 5th
4 weeks + 3 days to go!

Jake phoned at about 4:35pm today and we were having quite a good conversation about things that have been going on here and there (which wasn’t that much really!), when the phone cut off and I got a buzzing noise. I put the phone down and thought he might phone back (cos something similar had happened before) but he didn’t.

Well, the phone did ring but when I picked it up there was just silence. That happened a couple of times so I assume it was him trying to get through again. I did 1471 and the woman said they didn’t have the number to return the call which is what it has said in the past when he was the last person to phone our house. I thought he might ring back at 7pm when he got to Lake Louise but he didn’t. The phone rang loads but none of the calls were from him unfortunately.

I’m not worrying or anything cos at least I got to speak to him for a bit, even though it is very annoying being cut off mid-conversation! Maybe his phone card ran out or it’s snowing somewhere or the phone just isn’t working properly. I just hope he can email me tonight.


Tuesday 6th
4 weeks + 2 days to go!

Michael Amhurst met up with me and a few of my mates after college today. He’s had to come to Manchester to pick up some car parts or something so he wanted to see us seeing as he was around here anyway.

It was quite awkward but we managed to fill in the silences somehow. It was especially weird for Sarah cos she’s been texting him for a few weeks now without ever actually speaking to him properly. She came prepared though with some photos which made a good talking point.

People like Hayley and Henry Rockwell had to go home so they didn’t stay in college long. There was then me, Sarah, Cat and Michael left so we moved from college into The Coach and Horses pub down the road.

We just had one drink before making our excuses to go home. Michael dropped Sarah and me off at mine and we’ve decided to try and get up to Kendal to visit him at Easter if we can.

Jake rang at about 7:05pm. He told me that his roommate Rob said I sound like I’ve got my head screwed on. I only spoke to him for a few seconds! Apparently other people reckon I’m a cool girlfriend cos I bought him a Jessie the Cowgirl doll! I thought they’d all think it was really sad and they’d take the piss out of Jake. Obviously not!

He told me that the snow’s melting! 🙂 Yey!!!


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Telling “lies” about him and college girls – 26th February 2001

Monday 26th
5 weeks + 3 days to go!

I had to go back to college again today. All the ski trip people were going on about skiing. Declan filled Cat and me in on the whole Mr L thing though!

Jacqueline and Kim had been talking in the toilets about Mr L getting off with college students. Mrs L was in one of the cubicles and even though Jac was telling Kim to shut up, Kim carried on talking. Mrs L came out, called them silly little whores and asked if they got off on gossip and stuff, before going and reporting them to the teachers.

Meanwhile, Jac and Kim had wandered back to their friends (which included my sister) so when Mr L found them, he yelled at them all. He was calling them all sorts of names and even threatened to get them expelled. He kept saying how they could ruin his life and career by telling “lies” about him and college girls.

Later on, he sent Declan to his room (he’d been part of the group he yelled at) but Declan sneaked back into the bar. Mr L caught him drinking tequila slammers and told him to go to Mr C’s (the headteacher) office with his parents on Monday morning. He couldn’t have been serious cos Mr L would’ve had to explain everything to Mr C, so Declan ignored the threat.

Kim was made to apologise to Mr L, even though they both knew full well how true everything Kim said is! Mr L was saying how hurt he was and was apparently nearly crying. Prick!

Even Mr P-K (his mate) has fallen out with him, saying he’s been digging his own grave. He must suspect there’s some truth in it at least. Miss P thinks it’s all a load of “bullshit”, as do most other people.

Mrs L yelled at Mr L. Ha ha ha!!!

This has the potential to get very interesting now everyone’s back in school!

Jake didn’t ring me at 4pm. I started to worry because after last night he promised he wouldn’t do it again. I hate the feeling I get when he doesn’t phone. It’s horrible! I had to revise for my Biology exams tomorrow but I couldn’t concentrate at all.

I worry myself into a total state and it’s so horrible. I couldn’t stop crying like last night. It’s partly worry but partly annoyance for making me feel like that. I also get kind of annoyed with myself for getting like I do but I can’t help it. I do try to think positive and calm down but there’s always that awful feeling of dread in my stomach. I just don’t know what I’d do if something did happen to him but then it’s the not knowing that makes me feel so bad.

Anyway, I decided I couldn’t just sit about worrying cos I’d get no revision done so I phoned the number for his hotel from my mobile cos I had loads of credit. I didn’t think it’d work but it did. I just asked the woman if she could put me through to room 207 and she did. It only rang twice though then went silent then cut off. I tried a second time and the same thing happened.

At about 5:15pm I tried for a 3rd time. This time (to my surprise!) it worked. It was his roommate Rob who answered the phone but I had to ask who it was cos I wasn’t sure! I asked if Jake was there and he called him over. I really wasn’t expecting him to be there cos he said he was skiing. I didn’t want him to think I’d been worrying cos by this time I felt stupid for doing so and getting all worked up. I lied and said I was just ringing on the off-chance he’d be there to tell him not to ring (if he hadn’t already) cos I wasn’t going to be home for another half hour!

He said he had only just got up. He asked if I’d phoned twice before and I said I had and he explained that they tried to answer it but it probably wasn’t working cos during a food fight last night, a drink got spilt on it or something.

By the time I’d put the phone down I felt really stupid for worrying cos him not getting up was one of the things I’d been trying to convince myself of. I was also annoyed with him for putting me through that for a 2nd night running. I mean, I know I can’t expect him to ring me every day but when he stresses he will and wants to then doesn’t, that’s when I worry cos it’s not like him to break his word!

Jake phoned me back at about 6:40pm. He apologised for not phoning when he said and told me he didn’t know no-one was going skiing today. He told me he’ll ring at about 4:45pm tomorrow and that if one day he doesn’t ring at 4:30ish (before he gets the bus), he’ll ring between 7 & 8pm from Lake Louise when he has lunch.

The thing is, now he’s not rung a few times when he said he will, maybe I won’t worry as much if that happens in the future. Hopefully I won’t have to find out though! I don’t like having to worry and I do try hard not to cos Mum and people keep saying I’m pathetic but if someone you care about is so far away, wouldn’t you worry too in the same situation?


P.S. I’ve had a slight throbbing feeling in my legs again like I did a while ago and on my left foot some of my toes and the ball of my foot feel a bit numb.

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Another nice surprise! – 24th February 2001

Saturday 24th
5 weeks + 5 days to go!

Jake rang me even earlier today at about 2:40pm. Another nice surprise! 🙂 He said he’d missed the bus and wouldn’t be able to ring me from Lake Louise later because he was going to be late. It was a very short call but I still was pleased to hear from him.

He did end up ringing me again at about 7:45pm thought cos he got a lunch break. It’s his last day of the assessment today and he finds out later whether he’s passed Level 1. He was really worrying on the phone because he’s got to teach his group stuff as part of the test and he’s been given the most difficult but to do. I’m sure he will pass and I kept telling him that but he was much less positive.

Some girl called Charlie shouted, “Hello Tessa!” down the phone while he was speaking to me. Apparently she’s trying to cheer him up too cos she got the easy bit where all she had to do was teach how to put a ski on and easy stuff like that!

I won’t find out if he’s passed until I read his email tomorrow! He should do though.


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I could imagine that all the girls were dog-ugly! – 13th February 2001

Tuesday 13th
7 weeks + 2 days to go!

I got the photos that Jake took in Canada back from being developed today. Some of them are of his room, some are of the scenery but most of them are of the people he’s with. There’s one of him on his skis and 2 that he took of himself using a mirror. It doesn’t look like him though 😦 he looks older and chunkier!

I didn’t cry when I got them which I’m quite pleased about cos so far I’ve not got upset in college and I want to keep that up!

There are some photos with girls on them and a weird one of a lad that REALLY looks like Floyd! Even Floyd himself admitted there was a freaky resemblance!

The bottom of one of the slopes really looks like one I took when I was in Pra Loup last year. Cat agrees.

I was studying one of the photos of his room and it’s got a picture above his bed but you can’t really see the painting cos there are lots of photos of me stuck over it! It’s flattering that he’s done that but I had a bit of a go at him on the phone tonight cos a while ago he told me he only had 4 up. There are loads! Plus, before he went I told him which ones I didn’t want anyone to see and he promised he wouldn’t show anyone but they’re up there too!

While he was on the phone I was describing the photos to him and he was telling me where/who they were of. I can actually picture in my head now where he is and who he’s with when I think about him now. I don’t know if that’s better or worse than not knowing actually cos at least before I could imagine that all the girls were dog-ugly! It turns out they’re not though so he’d better be behaving himself!


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