I’ll have to have a disciplinary meeting – 3rd to 5th December 2000

Sunday 3rd I saw Jake this evening. We didn’t do much really. He told me he can see me ending up as a teacher and making a good mum! It was just cos I had that ‘Do your ears hang low?’ song stuck in my head so I kept singing it!


Monday 4th The mock exams started today and I have to go to learning support to do mine because of my hand so I don’t sit in the exam hall. I don’t mind though. I had a laptop if I needed it and get extra time and rest breaks if I want.

I finally got round to ringing The Green Dragon to say I can’t work over Christmas cos I’m going on holiday. (I’m not really, I just want to see Jake as much as I can before he goes to Canada!) I had to speak to Martin the manager (twat!) and he said he can’t allow me to do that so I’ll have to have a disciplinary meeting. I told him it’s tough and there’s nothing I can do about it, so fine!

Hah, they can all go fuck themselves, I’m not going back there again! I hate the place!

I’ve bought a new phone. It’s a Sagem Vodafone one and it’s sooo nice!


Wednesday 6th I handed in my resignation at The Green Dragon! It’s put me in such a good mood! I handed in a doctor’s note about my hand too so I don’t have to work the rest of the week.

Went to The Coach and Horses quiz again. It was better than last time cos people were there. We all went back to Floyd’s after too.


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