He was slagging me off no end. Bastard! – 11th & 12th September 2000

Monday 11th Jake and I went to the Trafford Centre tonight after college cos I handed my biology coursework in so I’ve not got as much work. We went to the cinema to see Scary Movie which was pretty good.

Afterwards, we just came straight home which disappointed me slightly but then he parked the car on the church car park next door where we stayed for quite a while. We talked mostly (he did begin 3 but stopped) about stuff.

He said he wants to skip a couple of years so we can live together. He also said he wouldn’t mind living in a tent if we had to! I mentioned the post office here in my village then he said we should put our pennies together and buy a post office in Scotland! Hmmm!


Tuesday 12th Gethin is such a twat!!! I went out of college at 3rd lesson with Jake cos I was free but we came back at lunch to see if anyone wanted a trip to McDonald’s. Gethin, Sarah and Hayley came with us. Hayley’s fine at the moment and isn’t annoying me as much, Sarah seems a bit off with me but I think it might be cos I’ve not been around as much and she’s been left with Hayley, and Gethin’s just being a right moody little bastard!

He didn’t eat anything (and neither did Sarah actually) when we got there so I asked why he’d bothered coming when someone else could’ve done instead. Hayley and Sarah told me later that, when he’d got out of the car afterwards, he was slagging me off no end. Bastard!

Then this evening, I got a message from Sarah that was meant for Gethin and it included the words, “I dunno what’s wrong with Tess – maybe she’s stressed about London” (Jake and I are trying to organise a trip to London at half term and I can’t get straight answers out of anyone!) so they were obviously talking about me.

Then, I got a message from Jake saying Gethin had been slagging us both off to his brother, saying how we’re going to end up with no mates if we’re together all the time. This is very reminiscent of what he said to me over the phone a while back and what he said to Hugo. I told Gethin then that I wasn’t going to put up with it again so I sent him a few messages. They’re on this bit of paper cos I wrote it down before I sent anything so I could get everything in that I wanted to say. →

(The last message on the back is one Jake sent on Monday. I forget to write it in here!)


Gethin sent me a few messages back saying that it was an “over exaggerated insult” and that he’d “put it down to stress and gossip” and then that “in the unlikely event of you ever needing me, you know where I am”. He is sooo cheesy! He should write cheesy soap opera scripts!!

He then asked if our friendship was over but I ignored him! Ha ha!!!

Jake’s far from pleased with Gethin either but I don’t think he’ll do much about it.


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