I’ve got to smile more or I’ll get sacked – 9th & 10th September 2000

Saturday 9th I saw Jake during the day today. He came round here and we stayed in my room for most of the time. The usual happened and it wasn’t a one way thing for once!

Had to go to work tonight but it wasn’t too bad cos it was really busy. Gemma told me that Jake’s very good looking! 🙂 I know!!

Gethin’s pissing me off! He told everyone that he thinks Jake’s gay and that he wears nail varnish. He also keeps telling me that Martin the manager told him to tell me that I’ve got to smile more or I’ll get sacked when the area manager comes in. He also asked Jake last night if the reason he hadn’t said much was because he was “under the thumb”! Bastard!

I reckon I’m gonna get sacked actually cos I told that Sandra woman I can’t work next Saturday (there’s a Huddersfield open day and I’ve been planning on going with Mum and Dad for ages cos they want to see the place) and she was really off with me. She definitely wasn’t pleased!

The thing is, I’ve only been there a couple of weeks and if I quit or get sacked now, I’ll feel like a right failure and I’ll be the only one of my mates without a job. I’m confused and can’t think straight though!


Sunday 10th When I finished work today, Jake came to get me cos we planned to go and get a Chinese for our tea. He brought his brother and sister in the car with him and we ended up in a queue at the petrol station at The Dog roundabout for about 30 minutes cos of this whole petrol price thing. I think it was one of the few round here that had any left.

We eventually go to the Chinese, by which time Jake was getting really pissed off cos he thought Robbie and Clara were being embarrassing but I just found them funny. While we were eating, Clara started telling me about Jake making horrible coughing noises when he brushes his teeth and he got really, really pissed off, told me it’s cos he chokes on toothpaste and dragged me upstairs out of their way! We just kissed and stuff but that was about it. He seems to know what he’s doing a bit more now. Perhaps he’s been reading up on it!


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