I hope Jake doesn’t read this – 7th August 2000

Monday 7th I finally got round to doing my traffic survey and quadratting for my Geography project and Jake and Sarah came to help. We got a bit wet (rain) and a bit pissed off (man cut grass where we needed to count plants!) but we managed to make up fairly truthful looking results!

Jake stayed at my house for a while but Sarah had asked me to go to the cinema with her, Hayley, Georgia and Maz P (and his lot) so I had to leave him earlier than I would’ve liked.

I didn’t really want to go to the cinema but it turned out to be alright. Nathan and Milo picked us up at the cinema and took us to Adi’s house and then some cinema in Runcorn to see Gone in 60 Seconds which I thought was quite good, although no-one else was too impressed.

Nathan then drove us all the way home which was nice of him. Nathan’ll have volunteered cos he fancies Hayley but she now likes his mate Daryl and I have to say I don’t blame her! In fact, now that I’m no longer single, that lot seem to have become a lot nicer looking due to a few additions e.g. Daryl and Adi!

I know I shouldn’t be saying that and I hope Jake doesn’t read this cos I really don’t think he trusts me all that much but I don’t fancy them and I love Jake and really wouldn’t want anyone else!


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