She’s had her nipple pierced – 5th & 6th August 2000

Saturday 5th I didn’t see Jake during the day today so I had nothing to take my mind off panicking about tonight, therefore I spent most of my time doing so! But as it happened, Sarah, my mum and nearly everyone else I’d panicked to was right….. it wasn’t actually that bad!!

The food was crap, Emma had to wait on us and told me she’s had her nipple pierced, and nearly everyone else in college just happened to be working tonight but other than that, it wasn’t too bad! The other 2 girls were nice, Clara was chatty, Robbie was whinging about his girlfriend Miranda, the adults talked and Jake was as embarrassed as I was about the amount of staff we know who work in Rialto’s!

We were there for ages and Jake, Robbie and I got a bit bored towards the end but then his dad dropped Jake off at mine for a bit. He’s taken a liking to Mollie now so we were just playing with her for a bit until his taxi arrived. I think we were both relieved it was over!


Mollie Scottie dog

[I know I’m completely biased but how did he go so long without taking a liking to that little face?! ♥♥♥]

Sunday 6th Jake came round. Not much to tell except we took Mollie for a walk.


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