‘Unique’ in a nice way – 25th & 26th February 2000

Friday 25th to Saturday 26th Skied in the morning and didn’t fall once. It was only me and Cat in the afternoon lesson because the lads buggered off somewhere. It was either icy or slushy but good.

When I took my skis back. I saw a Scottie dog which made me realise that I didn’t actually mind going home.

We had our badge presentation and Alex wore shorts.

The coach journey went quite quickly because I slept for quite a while. We managed to get an earlier ferry using the injuries as an excuse for them to let us on. Mr L’s stalkers (they sat outside his room until 2am – sad!!) were on it.

We arrived back at school at about 4:30pm. I got a daft certificate off the teachers saying, “This is to certify that she was in the right place at the right time, wasn’t she Robbie?” I didn’t really understand it. I think they were basically saying that I managed to stay faithful to Jake.

As I was crossing the Channel on the ferry, messages started coming through on my phone. One was from 18th February saying, “NIGHT NIGHT SLEEP TIGHT DON’T LET THE BED BUGS BITE!! OR ANYONE ELSE LIKE CAT!! IF YOU’RE READING THIS IN THE MORNING, WELL GOOD MORNING!! LOTS OF LOVE JAKE xXx”. I got others as well when I got home but they just said stuff about him being tired and about Sarah dumping Hugo.

I phoned up Hayley and she confirmed that what she did with Andy’s true. She yelled at Lizzie on Thursday and made her cry because Lizzie snogged Big Paul but he slept with Georgia Dean and then Big Paul had a go at Hayley for upsetting Lizzie. Fair enough, Hayley’s a bitch and had no right to do that. Lizzie didn’t know about Georgia so it’s hardly her fault.

I also spoke to Sarah and she told me she’d dumped Hugo because he’d been slagging off her accent and asking if her mates live in slums because we have so many parties.

Hayley also told me that on the Friday I left for France, she’d chatted to Jake and he’d asked why the hell I liked him. She said I just did or something and asked why he liked me. He said I’m just unique and lovely and a skier! She said he meant ‘unique’ in a nice way and was being dead soppy. She said I’d know what she meant if I’d been there. She told me that as the coach left, he looked like he was going to cry and said he wanted to run on the coach and go with me. He then made her run to the other end of the school so he could wave at me one more time. Aaah, sweet!


Some stuff I found in the hotel at Pra Loup:





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