Jigging up and down to his bells – 21st November 1997

Friday 21st Norralot’s really happened today. We had our 1st sex ed lesson and it was awful.

Dougie sits on the row in front of me and he kept turning around. I had to sit next to Bridget Linehan coz there were no other seats. I don’t know where Poppy’s going to sit when she comes back.

Emma asked me to ask Dougie to phone her about whether he is coming ice skating or not. I did and he didn’t look very impressed. I don’t think he wanted to.

After school we had orchestra and Dougie plays percussion stuff. He’s opposite me and Emma but at the other side of the room. He kept looking at us and it was really bugging us. He was also laughing and jigging up and down to his bells in a Christmassy tune! It was funny.

I phoned Emma tonight then she phoned Dougie to get Freddie’s number (Dougie said he wasn’t coming in orchestra) so we could see who was coming skating. Emma phoned me back a but later and told me Dougie might be coming now. She reckons he thought he’d be on his own with Emma and Freddie coz he didn’t know I was coming and then when she told him I was she thinks he might come now.

I want Ralph to come as well for two reasons.

  1. I like him.
  2. He makes us look good!

November 1997 - Gordon

We then did a 3 way call to Freddie, only I kept quiet. It was a short conversation but we’re meeting him at the ice rink at 1:00pm on Sunday. Freddie’s a really good skater so I hope Dougie can come coz he said he’s not too good! Emma and I aren’t bad. I managed not to fall over last time but I don’t know if I’ll manage it or not on Sunday.

Oh yeah, this is a letter we got in P.S.E. I’m meant to give it to Mum and Dad but I’m not going to! [Was Mrs W on glue?! There was no way I was going to give a letter containing words like ‘sexual decision making’ to Mum & Dad.]


November 1997 - Sex ed letter

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