Ed’s dressed as a woman! – 28th November 1997

Friday 28th I am so tired. I don’t know why coz I haven’t really done much. I’m probably getting a cold or summit coz I seem to be the only one that hasn’t at the moment!

I like Dougie again. I dunno why about that either. I don’t seem to know why about much today really. I can’t be bothered of thinking of reasons why. I dunno why!

Anyway, back to Dougie. In P.S.E. today (you know, sex ed) we had to come up with 5 things on ‘What is sex?’ [I would LOVE to know what we wrote down.] Mrs W put us in groups and I ended up with Richard Willers and Henry Rockwell (a pair of sad gits) and Poppy (she’s a mate). [Ha! I’m very good friends with Henry and he’s one of my favourite people. In case he ever reads this – Soz, Rocky!] Dougie got put with some hardcores and I could tell he didn’t want to be, poor lad.

We then had to pick a spokesperson for our group and we forced Willers into doing it coz he didn’t seem to mind. Dougie ended up reading his list out for his group and he looked so embarrassed. I felt so sorry for him so I didn’t look at him or I would’ve felt embarrassed too. I don’t know why! [The theme of the day.] Then he just sunk down in his chair when it was all over.

We then had to go to orchestra. I didn’t walk there with him coz I got out 1st. He took ages to get there and I thought he wasn’t coming. I went to the toilet just before orchestra started and I was legging it back up the corridor coz I was late. Just as I speeded round the corner, Dougie came in. I must have looked so stupid coz I stopped dead as soon as I saw him! He said hi but I didn’t realise until I’d walked off.

All the way through orchestra, Dougie was stood there jigging up and down with those bells of his. It makes him smile whether anyone’s watching him or not. It’s really sweet actually.

Afterwards I was talking to Emma about Ralph and as I walked past Dougie he said, “Are you going out with Ralph?” I just said a sarky, “Oh yeah!” and grinned and walked off.

When all the stuff was packed away I realised there were none of my friends left so I went to look for them coz they said they’d wait. Just as I was walking out of the room, Emma ran in and said, “Ah, Tess! You’ve gotta come and see this! Ed’s doing that sponsored keep-fit thing dressed as a woman!” I left my bag and went and looked in the Sports Hall. It was so funny! There were quite a few people dressed up coz we’re trying to raise money for the senior citizens party at school.

When I went back to get my bag, Davis and Dougie were still stood there talking. (Becky the 3nd Year who I’ve been winding up about me fancying Ralph had been telling Dougie about it. I could lip-read her coz she was over the other side of the room and she said it was disgusting! I didn’t think she’d take me seriously!) I went over to them and said, “Have you seen that lot doing the gym thing? Ed’s dressed as a woman!” They said no and Davis went.

I started walking out too and Dougie said, “Wait up, I’ll just be a minute.” He was rushing round like mad, putting his bells and stuff away. I wasn’t going anywhere. If he asked me to wait for him, that’s fine by me! I s’pose he didn’t know that though.

Eventually he came but then a few other lads joined us so I wasn’t just with him. We stood there for a bit watching them prance about then me and Dougie started walking off at the same time. He had to go phone his mum so he said, “See ya” to me. I said it back and he smiled at me.

Uh, I’m pathetic really, aren’t I? Getting excited about little things like that. I just don’t understand him at the moment. He never wants to come anywhere with me out of school but then in school he’s usually nice to me!


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