She shot us some filthy looks and carried on – 18th April 2001

Tuesday 18th I had a driving lesson today. It went okay other than when I went backwards first when doing a 3-point turn!

I also got this letter from Michael Amhurst this morning. →

18-04-01 Michael letter to Tess envelope18-04-01 Michael letter to Tess


[My looooong draft reply was in the same envelope…]

18-04-01 Tess letter to Michael page 118-04-01 Tess letter to Michael page 218-04-01 Tess letter to Michael page 318-04-01 Tess letter to Michael page 418-04-01 Tess letter to Michael page 5

He’s still a bit pissed from last night – 28th February 2001

Wednesday 28th
5 weeks + 1 days to go!

Sarah’s being really daft! Michael’s been texting her and stuff but she still wants Maz, a gimp she was seeing ages ago. He never contacted her and now someone is, she’s complaining! I don’t get it!

I got this letter from Michael this morning. →

28-02-01 Michael letter.jpg

I like getting letters. It was weird seeing those photos too cos I’ve not seen those particular ones before.


[Left to right standing or being held: Michael’s mum, Hayley’s mum, Hayley, don’t know the lady, Michael’s cousin, my mum, me, Isaac’s mum and Isaac. Left to right sitting: Don’t know the boy, Michael and Connie.]


[Top step: Me and Connie. Bottom step: Michael’s cousin, Hayley and Daisy.]


[Standing: Michael’s mum. Sitting on swing thing: Daisy’s mum, Daisy, Connie, Isaac’s mum, Isaac’s brother, me, my mum and Abby. Front: Michael’s friend Ian, Michael and Isaac.]

Jack phoned me at about 4:50pm today. He told me he’s not intending on skiing today cos he’s still a bit pissed from last night apparently! He said he’s still got to go to Lake Louise though to get some award for passing Level 1 so he says he might try and get a bit of a tan while he’s there cos it’s gone really sunny. He mentioned again about bleaching his hair so maybe he really will do it!


Today’s emails →

28-02-01 Jake email

I need hugs all the time – 10th January 2001

Wednesday 10th That’s it, my last day with Jake over. 😦

This is what I wrote in my card to him. →

Letter to Jake

I didn’t go to college this morning because I’m not going to see him for so long so he came round to my house. When he came in, we just didn’t say anything and hugged instead which made us both cry a bit. We were both really tired so we went and lay on my bed and actually wasted time by falling asleep. It was nice though!

He took me to McDonald’s for lunch before I went to my biology lesson. I needed to go because Mr C was going through something that I haven’t understood.

When I met up with him again, we got a few photos of us copied for him to take with him and then we went to his house for a while so he could sort some stuff out.

We ate our last Chinese together for tea and then went to watch Charlie’s Angels at the cinema at the Trafford Centre in an attempt to take our minds off him leaving. It was a good film and we discovered you can move the armrests to make a double seat. It’s a shame we never discovered that before! We had a few really good kisses too!

I hadn’t got upset until he drove us back and we sat in the car park on Hodge Drive. We talked a bit but were mainly in floods of tears. He was crying so hard I was worrying about him at one point!

He drove me home at about 1am and we sat on my drive for a bit. I just couldn’t bring myself to get out of the car and leave him! We just couldn’t stop crying but we eventually had one last kiss and one last hug before I counted to 3 in my head and got out of the car. We waved at each other as he drove off and I watched him until I couldn’t see him round the corner.

When I got in, Mum was in bed but still awake and she have me a hug and told me it’d be okay. I hope she’s right! I don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to him. I just love him so much!

I can’t believe I’m not going to be able to see him or touch him now. I need hugs all the time but he won’t be here anymore. 😦

He’s left me Preston, his pink shirt, his Issey Miyaki aftershave, a card and a 10 page letter which made me cry even more because it’s so nice.

I’m really going to miss him.


[This is his card and 10 page letter to me…]

Jake's letter page 1

Jake's letter page 2

Jake's letter page 3

Jake's letter page 4

Jake's letter page 5

Jake's letter page 6

Jake's letter page 7

Jake's letter page 8

Jake's letter page 9

Jake's letter page 10

I think I like Aled – 9th & 10th September 1999

Thursday 9th I had Geography period 1 and 2 today and then that was my lessons for Thursday done with. It’s great! I could’ve gone home but instead Freda, Rani, Lena and I got the bus to the drive through McDonald’s in Warrington. We had to come back for 1:15pm because Lena had a Food Tech lesson.

For the rest of the afternoon I just sat about upstairs in the college. In period 4 there were quite a few others who were on free periods like Emma who was telling me that Robert Osborne likes her and Dominic Walters likes Suzanna.

Period 5 was a bit quieter. There was me, Georgia, Lena, Freda and Rani, some caretaker type bloke called Wayne and Aled. Aled was being nice to me again but without holding my hand!

Rhian phoned tonight. She’s fallen out with Laura Morgan who sounds like she’s being a right 2-faced bitch. (Hayley was still being a bit off with me today.) Laura’s having a birthday sleepover on Saturday but Rhian’s got something on with her drama group but she could go later but Laura doesn’t seem to want her to for some reason. She’s also threatening to tell Gillian L that Rhian’s been slagging her off. If she does, that’ll be the end of Rhian’s face. Best friends shouldn’t do that. I thought Hayley was being bad enough too.


Friday 10th When I got in from school today I saw this on my desk. ↓


I’m so pleased he’s finally got round to writing! I pretty much guessed what it was when I saw the envelope, other than the fact there’s a Scottish stamp on the front. I don’t really know anyone else who’d write to me and I didn’t recognise the writing. It’s only a short letter but it’s better than nothing.

I forgot about Duncan’s DJ-ing. I remembered he’d told me once that he did it for the hospital radio or something. I wish I could read his e-mail address. I’ve worked out what most of it is but I don’t know what that 2nd number or letter is. Never mind, I’ll just have to write back again.

I’m a bit disappointed, actually, really disappointed that I might not get to see him in October unless he thinks my hols are at the same time as his. It’d be okay if he’s back from Florida for school because that’s when I’ll be going up. Although, there’s no guarantee I’ll be able to anyway.

I got my exam scripts back from school today because they’re using our school to trial it on. I worked out what percentages I got:

Science (paper 4) = 70/120 = 58%
Science (paper 5) = 77/120 = 64% (I think these are right.)
Geography = 101/124 = 81%
Business Studies = 80/127 = 63% (I’ve not got one Business paper back.)
Food Tech = 99/130 = 76%
French reading = 31/45 = 69%
French writing = 17/42 = 40%
French listening = 21/40 = 52%
P.E. = 74/120 = 62%
Maths (paper 3) = 71/100 = 71%
Maths (paper 4) = 74/100 = 74%

Some of them look pretty crap as a percentage but stuff like coursework must have improved the overall mark.

I think I like Aled. Well, actually I’m not sure but every time he’s talking to another girl or is complementing one, I get ever so slightly jealous. I keep seeing him on his bike in the morning too before school but he’s always gone past it so I don’t know where he’s going. I’ll have to find out somehow.


I don’t think my mum knows – 22nd August 1999

Sunday 22nd Mum took Abby and I to Manchester today to get more stuff ready for going back to school. I ended up getting cheap stuff and not bothering with a pair of expensive shoes but this evening my mum’s decided to call me selfish.

She said it was because I made her carry my bags but, when I pointed out about the clothes and shoes, she’s now decided I’m selfish because I don’t want to go on the ski trip with school in February. The other day I said how annoying Cat had been with her moods in Belgium and how I didn’t really know if I could put up with her but I also feel really guilty that my parents have to pay about £1000 so Abby and I can go. Mum and Dad have already paid my £180 deposit and they can’t get it back I don’t think so I can’t not go now. Also, I’d be letting Cat down badly and she’d probably never speak to me again.

I do want to go though, I just can’t see it being as good as Austria but that doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy it. Mum just doesn’t believe me that I want to go. I just feel so guilty about it, that’s all.

We phoned Rhian this evening. Not a lot’s been happening up there either by the sounds of it. I started writing a letter to Duncan earlier on so I just asked her if I should send it. She said I should and that she’d make him write back. This is a copy of the letter:



She said she’s seen Duncan putting up a shelf… badly. But that’s it. Abby said that when she was speaking to Rhian, she heard Uncle G shouting something like, “Have Tess and Duncan spoken yet?” She also asked how Rhian’s mum knew. Rhian said she’d been talking to Laura and Duncan’s mum, I think, and then asked Rhian what she knew. Rhian said she didn’t know but I don’t believe her.

I don’t think my mum knows (but I’m not sure) because when she was talking to Auntie S before, she said something like, “They keep going on about what a wonderful holiday they’ve had but I’m not sure what was so good. I won’t ask, I don’t think.” Then they moved on to talk about Rhian’s, Abby’s and my plan to see each other in October. I don’t know if it’ll happen.


Monday 23rd Mum, Abby and I went to the Trafford Centre today for more shopping because we didn’t get it all done. I got fixed up with a pair of Pod boots and I also got a metally, flowery necklace, a new watch and a pack with an ankle/wrist bracelet, choker and ring in it. [Like these which are back in the shops at the moment. I’m old enough for fashions to come round again. Boooo!]

This evening I went to the Sports Club because Hayley wanted to watch Liverpool play Leeds on Sky. I didn’t want to watch it really but I was bored so I went anyway. It was weird because Hayley predicted before that Liverpool would win 2-1 and their scorers would be Camara and Fowler. She was right!

There were these 2 lads in there, one who we know because he works there and his mate. They were both nice but this tarty woman ended up chatting them up and taking them off to The Plough. But it was funny because on her way out, she tried to push the door open from the wrong side and walked head first into it, making a complete fool of herself! We weren’t the only ones she’d been annoying because Jack Eddison and Tunde S out of our year commented on her and laughed at her too.

I posted Duncan’s letter tonight. I also spoke to Rhian too who told me that he’s been busy because Kate’s apparently rather fit cousin who’s just turned 16 and who’s from Orkney is in Wick. He’s been going to their school while he’s there and has been hanging round with Duncan. He’s called Jamie. Rhian said she’d tell Duncan that a letter was on the way and that he has to write back. I hope he does and soon.


The news has even reached Newcastle!! – 24th May 1999

Monday 24th The English Lit exam which I had this morning didn’t seem too bad actually but I’ll decide once and for all how hard it was when I get my results back!

A few people were asking me if it was true about me and Ollie but only my mates. I told a couple of people, like Bella, but only because I thought they already knew. I did see Ollie himself a couple of times but I don’t think he wanted to see me any more than I wanted to see him!

Nothing happened with Lizzie and Oscar P as far as they told me coz he left quite soon after I did.

I’ve scanned the letter I’ve written to my internet mate Adam Cunliffe and I’ve stuck it over the page. I didn’t scan the first one I sent him coz I didn’t think about it but I wished I had coz I can’t remember what I wrote. That’s why I did this one.


Hi Adam,

How’s life treating you in Stoke-on-Trent? It’s not been too bad here at the moment actually, there’s quite a lot of stuff that’s been happening. It’s usually so boring round here with it being the centre of absolutely nothing and all but with it being the last week of school and stuff, it’s actually been quite lively for once!! There’s been people staggering about Warrington all weekend… my mates included! Well, you know about Friday’s party anyway and that was the only bit of gossip I’m sure you’d really be interested in. Believe me, I’m regretting it now after about 50 people were questioning me before the English exam this morning!

I’m going to Wembley next Monday!!! Can’t wait, even if it is only Bolton v Watford! My dad got us tickets yesterday so we’re going down to London on Sunday and we’ll stay overnight at my auntie’s house. Should be good, I’ve not been for a while.

You asked if I had ABBA Gold, remember? Well, I have got it actually! I dunno where it is but it’s around somewhere. It’s probably at the bottom of a drawer somewhere with all the other CDs that I hide whenever anyone comes round!

I’ve not got any photos that I can send you now either but everyone’s had their camera at school at some point over the last week or so and at that bloody party so I should have some more I can send to you soon. I’ve got loads of my friends too but the film’s not been developed yet so you’ll have to wait for those ones as well. Sorry! You’ve got the ones I scanned for you and they’ll do for now. Oh yeah, Lizzie Bond is still single. Just thought I’d let you know coz I think she’s coming with me.

I should be using this time I’ve got off school to do some serious revision, not writing to you. Buy hey, you’re worth it!! I’ve got Geography and P.E. to look forward to for the rest of this week and I can’t afford to fail them coz I want to take them for A Level. Everyone else seems to be going round panicking about these exams but I just can’t get wound up about them. I mean, I want to do well but it’s not [The printer chopped a line or two off so the sentence stops here.]

Right, I’d better go. I think the dog wants to be taken for a walk because she’s sitting here staring at me and she keeps following me every time I get up!

So, good luck with the rest of your exams, write back and I should be seeing you soon!

Loads of love
Tess xxx

I might go online in bit and see if he’s on. I can use that BBC Bitesize thing for revision while I’m at it.

Speaking of the internet, I was talking to this lad called GeordieChris last night and earlier today. He’s someone that Emma knows I’ve met him once and he seems ok. He lives in Newcastle and he used to come and visit his dad down here until he recently moved up there too. Anyway, apparently Emma’s been filling him in on the details of Friday night. So no the news has even reached Newcastle!!

That ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’ song by Shanks and Bigfoot (I think), which I really like, keeps coming on the radio and stuff and it now reminds me of the last day of school and Ollie coz I was humming it to myself all day Friday. I’ll probably go off it now!


A-Level Art isn’t about boosting egos or fulfilling sexual desires – 12th May 1999

Wednesday 12th Went up to start my Art exhibition at lunch. Ewan was there. I spoke to him but nothing interesting was said. Hayley showed him some photos of me when I was about 3 yrs old and I think summit along the lines of ‘cute’ was said.

Some of his work is really good but, as with everyone’s, some is crap! It’s all really big though. One thing he hung up was 2 A4 pictures he’d done. One was a naked man and one was a naked woman. They were quite good actually.

When we went to the Art talk for the 6th Form College open afternoon, they’d been taken down and Mrs S started going on about how A-Level Art isn’t about boosting egos or fulfilling sexual desires and she said that someone doing GCSE (Ewan) had been doing that. Poor lad! He went so red. He laughed it off at first but told everyone just to leave him alone after a while. I felt so sorry for him.

The afternoon was okay. I went to talks for Art, Geography, Biology, English Lit. and Sports Studies. Ewan was saying that he either wants to be an architect or a doctor and he’s not sure which A-Levels to take out of Art, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology,

I had 2 nice surprises tonight. One was a letter from Adam which was sat on the drawers when I got in. I think the hole through it is off the dog!

10th May 1999


Hi ya! How are you?? Eventually I’ve managed to find some time to write to ya!! So, what’s new?? Any hot gossip I should hear about?!

I’m currently listening to ABBA Gold, have you got it? It’s mint! OK, it may be a bit cheesy but you must agree that ABBA are perhaps THE gods of music… ok, maybe not, but they’re in that catagory!!

I’ve just been to the hospital for an X-ray. It’s amazing how many millions of bones there are in your foot!! I’ve got to go and see the specialist, he’ll be able to make more of the X-ray than I can!

Sorry… I haven’t been able to find any photos, no doubt there’ll be some taken around school during the next few weeks – I’ll try and nick some for you. I did send you that one via email remember?!

I’ve made myself some postcards and put them in the newsagents…. BABYSITTER AVAILABLE!! I need the money! I’ve got a never ending list of things I want and the money is rapidly running out. Never mind eh?!

Not much else to say really… we need photos of people you are coming to the Towers with. Ronan needs to prepare himself, unlike me, I’m already sorted!! J xx

What do you thing to Bryan Adams’ new song? Cloud no. 9. I think it’s ace. (Cheesy word!) I’m gonna buy it I think, I’ll find the funds from somewhere!!

Did I ever give you my mobile no.? If not it’s 07xxx xxxxxx.

What else to say… apart from I’d best dash, try and get some revision done – yeah right!

I sit in anticipation of meeting you, I have so many plans in my mind! – Have you?!

Be good, take care, stay safe and most of all remember… I LOVE YOU


The other thing was an unexpected phone call from Adam at about 9:00pm. As usual we talked about school and exams and stuff. I can’t always make out what he’s saying properly coz he slurs his words a bit but he’s still got a nice voice. He was telling me about a teacher getting punched, Barney being weird and how Ronan was shy and didn’t talk much unless he knows you.

Surprise, surprise… Hayley’s interested in Ronan now I’ve told her he’s sent me a photo. Typical!

French oral at 3:00pm tomorrow. Dreading it! The next time I’ll write in here, it’ll be all over with….. unless I have a panic attack or summit and die!

However weird that Barney is, he’s a good little info source. I printed off an e-mail he sent. P.T.O.


[Barney’s email…]

Subj: Adam!
Date: 12/05/99 19:09:26 GMT Daylight Time
From: (Barney Greer)
To: (Tessa (Ad’s bird))

Hi Tessa, its Barney, the bloke you spoke to last night. I writing to tell you what you want to know!!!!!!

Ad, a good mate of mine, is happy – to say the least! In fact, I think he’s besotted. We were playing “squares” in biology today – like you do, and it got taken off us by dopey Owen – wanker. Owen (the teacher) was in a right mard so we didn’t get chance to talk about you then. But, in games this afternoon, he told me some stuff about you and him. Stuff like how you met over the net about 2 years ago, went through a year of silence and then he found you again.

He can’t speak highly enough of you. He seems to think you’re intelligent even though you deny it! He reckons you are very good looking – you’ve got to be better than his last woman – dog! (don’t tell him I said that) That’s all there is really apart from how much he is looking forward to seducing you in an Alton Towers bush. Have you ever been to the Towers?

Ad said, I think, that you were from somewhere around Manchester. Correct me if I’m wrong! I once fancied a girl from Manchester. In fact last Christmas/new year, when I went to Israel. I never actually spoke to her, she was on the same plane as me both there and back. We exchanged a few nice glances but thats it.

If its alright with you I think I’ll come along to the Towers after the exams. I’ll bring my girlfriends, you’ll like her! However Ad seems to think we wont see much of you! Are you bring a friend down for Ronan? If so whats her name and whats she like?

Can I ask you a question? Why the fuck are you with AOL where you have to pay for the service when you could be with someone like Tesco or Freeserve where you only have to pay for calls? Also can you download the AOL messenger so you can join a chatroom for a communal talk with us lot!

Finally my opinion of Ad. Adam Cunliffe is a nice kinda guy. As I said he is tres intelligent and he works very hard. He has a great family, they are loaded!!!! His mum, Pat is sound – she makes perfect pizza. His dad Derek is a top bloke – he is a sixties king! His brother is only in year 8 but he is bigger than most of us. If you stay at his house you will be made to feel very welcome.

Look, got to go, I’ve got tennis training. Mail me back if you want.

Bye for now


Oh, can you tell Ad that I can’t IM tonight – sorry! If I can get on I’ll look for the both of you

If I told Mum the truth, she’d freak! – 16th April 1999

Friday 16th I got my letter off Adam this morning. Mum had hold of it and gave it to me. She mustn’t have seen the back of the envelope with his address and name on coz she asked if it was from Rachael Hollins. I told her it was but I also said that there was this girl, Angela, who I thought it could’ve been off who left a while back but came back recently and said she’d write.

If I told Mum the truth, she’d freak! Here it is with a school photo in there somewhere too. I hope he looks better in real life but when have I ever gone for looks?!

[I wasn’t sure whether to include a letter that I don’t have permission to share but sod it. He’s never going to see it (please reassure me that he’s never going to see it!) and it’s about time I included something written by 90s teenage boy on here.

I can’t get a clear photo of it because it’s a bit crumpled so I’ll type it out. I promise I’m not skipping anything.]

14th April 1999

Dear Tessa,
                    Hi ya! Here’s the letter that I’ve been promising you for ages! I’ve just finished preparing my French oral – although it still needs modification! I can’t wait to drop French though, it’s so boring!!

I’ve just phoned the local radio station – and my request has just come on the radio – Bohemian Rapsady (if that’s how you spell it!!) so that’s the highlight of my day – what’s yours been like? I suppose you’re already back at school – worst luck! Never mind, not many weeks left now! And after that it’s not gonna be many weeks before we meet is it?

When + where are we gonna meet? Of course Hayley and Ronan’ll both have to come along to keep each other company – as we’ve already discussed, we’ll be more involved in other things….. let your mind wander again! 🙂 he he he!

What else have you got planned for after your exams – apart from parties? Speaking of which I might be having one; if I do then you’re definately invited!… but that’s only IF I have one!! Are you going anywhere on holiday? We should be but Dad hasn’t booked it yet… I keep on reminding him but nothing seems to happen.

I’ve included a photo – it ain’t very good my head is sqewed to the side… o well! You’ll have to make do with that until I get some more done! You’d best send me one (or more if you can find them) back. I want a passport one to keep in my wallet… it doesn’t have to be the school one but I want a small one amongst the load that you send me!!

When we meet then we’ll get some taken together – which’ll be pretty cool!

I apologise if my handwriting is messy – it’s the pen I’m afraid, I couldn’t find a decent one anywhere… not that I’m that bothered of course… if I can’t find my pencil case for school I don’t really mind.

Thanks again for the Valentines card. It was really sweet of you… I’ll make it up to you some time soon – if you get what I mean??

Well, I suppose that I had best get back to bloody revision! Only a little bit of biology left to go – I’d enjoy biology if it was practical – genetics and reproduction and all that!! he he (aren’t I rude!)

Phone me sometime soon – I like speaking to you on the phone!

I had this wierd dream last night that you came over to my house after school. You’d walked over for some reason. But it was only a dream! DOH!!

Don’t forget to send all the photo’s that you can spare (so I can show you off to all my mates!).

Best dash – and post this – you should receive this by Friday with any luck – otherwise it’ll be Saturday. Let me know when it arrives!

                                       Be good – Take care and remember that I love ya LOADS
                                                             All my love

Crap photo which makes me look like a spastic included!


I wrote a letter back to him this evening. I’ll probably post it tomorrow. [I wish I could read that!]

Ferny’s asked Lena to the prom. Not good!


I’m trying not to let myself like Jez – 28th January 1998

Wednesday 28th Freda was telling me and Emma at lunch about some letter on the wall of their French room that Dougie had written and signed off with Emma’s name. We didn’t believe her so we thought we’d go up and see.

They were the same letters that we had to make up for a homework once. You had to pretend that you worked for a company called Microscene and you had to write to somebody called Mr Vincent. Dougie’s letter was summit like this:-

January 1998 - French letter

It was signed ‘La secrataire du M. Douglas, Mme E. Thornley’. She wasn’t very pleased at all.

I had Geography after lunch and I was under strict instructions from Mme. E. Thornley to find out why he’d used her name. I asked him and he said, “It just seemed like a good idea at the time. It’s been up there for ages.”

Emma thought he’d done it coz it was to Mr Vincent [The surname of a boy she’d fancied once.] as though he was trying to make it look like she was writing letters to him but I don’t think that was the reason.

Emma said Ralph got into a bit of a fight with Jim Brackenhurst in Food. I think they were just pushing each other about a bit, nothing serious.

I’m trying not to let myself like Jez now. He keeps smiling at me and, in Geography, Mrs C laughed at summit he’d written and he was smiling at me in an embarrassed sort of way. I don’t think he fancies me coz he keeps calling other people Tess. Like Sarah and Rachael Hollins. Cheers Jez! NOT!


Jigging up and down to his bells – 21st November 1997

Friday 21st Norralot’s really happened today. We had our 1st sex ed lesson and it was awful.

Dougie sits on the row in front of me and he kept turning around. I had to sit next to Bridget Linehan coz there were no other seats. I don’t know where Poppy’s going to sit when she comes back.

Emma asked me to ask Dougie to phone her about whether he is coming ice skating or not. I did and he didn’t look very impressed. I don’t think he wanted to.

After school we had orchestra and Dougie plays percussion stuff. He’s opposite me and Emma but at the other side of the room. He kept looking at us and it was really bugging us. He was also laughing and jigging up and down to his bells in a Christmassy tune! It was funny.

I phoned Emma tonight then she phoned Dougie to get Freddie’s number (Dougie said he wasn’t coming in orchestra) so we could see who was coming skating. Emma phoned me back a but later and told me Dougie might be coming now. She reckons he thought he’d be on his own with Emma and Freddie coz he didn’t know I was coming and then when she told him I was she thinks he might come now.

I want Ralph to come as well for two reasons.

  1. I like him.
  2. He makes us look good!

November 1997 - Gordon

We then did a 3 way call to Freddie, only I kept quiet. It was a short conversation but we’re meeting him at the ice rink at 1:00pm on Sunday. Freddie’s a really good skater so I hope Dougie can come coz he said he’s not too good! Emma and I aren’t bad. I managed not to fall over last time but I don’t know if I’ll manage it or not on Sunday.

Oh yeah, this is a letter we got in P.S.E. I’m meant to give it to Mum and Dad but I’m not going to! [Was Mrs W on glue?! There was no way I was going to give a letter containing words like ‘sexual decision making’ to Mum & Dad.]


November 1997 - Sex ed letter