“It’s Dougie on the phone for you. No joking!” – 22nd November 1997

Saturday 22nd Hold on, I’m just going to change pens. This one’s annoying coz it keeps changing colours. I’m back.

I spent most of the day at Emma’s. We couldn’t go anywhere coz Dougie said he’d phone her this afternoon. [Gather round, kids, I’m going to tell you all about the olden days when your only phone was permanently plugged into a wall in your house…] We sat in her room for ages until she decided to phone him. He wasn’t even in! His dad said he’d gone shopping in town. We could’ve gone somewhere. That was a complete waste of time.

When my sister, Abby, got in from going to Warrington with her friends, she told me she’d seen Dougie in BHS with his mum and middle sister.

November 1997 - Space filler

Then, this evening, the phone rang and I was half expecting it to be Dougie coz Emma wasn’t in. I was right. Abby came rushing up the stairs and said, “It’s Dougie on the phone for you. No joking!” I ran along the landing into Mum’s room and picked up the phone. This is more or less how the conversation went:-

Me: Hello? Abby, I’ve got it! Sorry.
Dougie: Hi, it’s me.
Me: Oh, hi. [Feigning vague surprise?]
Dougie: Was that your sister?
M: Yeah, probably. [What?! It was definitely my sister! I think I was trying to be cool and it came out as weird.]
D: I saw her in Warrington today.
M: Yeah I know. She said she saw you. Are you coming tomorrow then?
D: No, I can’t.
M: Oh, okay. Why not?
D: (Mutters something about tennis lessons.)
M: Oh right. Never mind.
D: Is Freddie still going?
M: I think so.
D: Who’s going then?
M: Just me, Emma and Freddie, I think.
D: Is Ralph going?
M: I doubt it. He said he’s skint and he can’t skate.
D: (Laughs) I can’t skate very well either.
M: Freddie’s really good though.
D: Yeah, he goes every week.
M: I know. He got really big headed about it last time we went.
D: (Laughs again)
M: Look, I’d better go.
D: Oh ok. Tell your sister I love her! (I think that’s what he said!)
M: Why?!
D: Never mind.
M: Okay then, bye.
D: Bye.

I’d have liked to talk for longer but Abby was standing over me and I’d run out of things to say. I hope Freddie’s not going to mind being on his own. I mean, he might have asked someone else but if he thought Dougie was coming then he probably hasn’t. Oh well, I s’pose we’ll find out tomorrow.


P.S. Manchester United (I support them) beat Wimbledon 5-2 today away. Beckham scored 2, Scholes 1, Cole 1 and Butt 1 (I think). It’s great coz Barnsley beat Liverpool 1-0 and Arsenal lost 2-0 to Sheffield Wednesday. Man Utd are at the tip of the Premiership where they belong.

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