I had to stand with Ralph – 18th November 1997

Tuesday 18th I really don’t wanna do this assembly! It’s going to be so embarrassing! Mrs S wants us all to wave our arms about at the start so it looks like we’ve gone back in time and then my group is the 1st lot on. Then, as I said yesterday, she wants us all to sing at the end. It’s gunna be awful and I’m dreading it so much.

I kept seeing Ralph today, mostly at lunch. When I came out of Maths, he was at the icey man then he was in the school shop. I went in the Music block later and he was in there too with Will Fernley, Jez and Megan Quinn. I was just going out when Jez called Emma back to knock on the Music room door for Freddie so he’d come out. That meant I had to stand with Ralph.

Later, I was walking out of the block and Ralph was just walking in so Emma said, “Do you fancy Tess? Coz Freddie says you do.” He said, “No!” and “Freddie’s a liar.” Hmmm, I wonder who’s telling the truth.

I can’t stop worrying about this bloody assembly. We’re meant to have a run-through 1st but that won’t do much good!


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