“Ralph fancies Tess” – 17th November 1997

Monday 17th I had another shock today. Oh God! (Sorry God!) [Ha! Just in case…]

At lunch, Emma came out of Geography all grinning and prancing about. Hayley’s in America now so I thought Freddie might’ve said summit or sat next to her. I asked her what had happened and she said I wouldn’t want her to tell me in front of our other mates so I knew it was to do with me. I pulled her away so she could tell me and I was a bit worried about what had happened.

She just said, “Ralph fancies you”.

1 Tess

[I thought I’d add in this photo of me and my fringe as a reminder why any boy liking me was a blooming miracle.]

I thought it was a wind-up but I asked her who’d said what. She started from the beginning when she’d said to Freddie, “You can add another one to your list. Tess fancies you too”. She said she was just getting me back for telling everyone she was going out with Neil K.

Normally I would’ve been really bothered but I just wanted to know about Ralph so I hurried her up and she told me they’d somehow got onto the subject of Ralph and then Freddie said, “Ralph fancies that one you hang round with, what’s her name? The one with the blue coat”. That was the point when I wasn’t sure if I believed her or not coz Freddie knows who I am and it’s unlikely he’d notice my coat colour! [I dunno… Coat colours seemed to be worth noting down for me so maybe boys did the same.]

Anyway, I was panicking all afternoon and then I wanted to really know if he fancied me or not so I asked Emma to ask him and tell me exactly what he did. It would be unlikely he would admit anything to Emma but you can sometimes tell if a person’s lying.

The other option is to ask Freddie how he knows about all this. There is of course another side to it all. Someone could be pissing about.

After school, Emma and I had our flute lesson. She then told me she had lied about one part which was that Freddie hadn’t gone on about who I was or what colour coat I had. He just came straight out with, “Ralph fancies Tess”. I asked her why she’d made it up and what was the point and she said, “I dunno, it just sounded more interesting”.

She then went on to tell me how it could be true coz they always seemed to bring me up in conversations in Food Tech. Like Ralph said, “How many times did Tess fall over?” after we’d all been ice skating. Hmmm… I don’t see what that has to do with him fancying me.

The other thing is that if Emma was the one making it all up, she probably would’ve told me the truth by now. Oh well, I’ll just have to see what happens. I’m quite chuffed really and I hope it’s true. (I think!)

We had a practice for the assembly today. Urgh! It’s gunna be even more embarrassing now with Ralph. Plus Mrs S wants us all to sing at the end! No way!


4 thoughts on ““Ralph fancies Tess” – 17th November 1997

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