Everything’s muzzy – 23rd–25th August 1996

Friday 23rd It’s nice to be home but it’s quiet! The journey was ok but seemed to last ages.

I spoke to Rhian, Tom and Minnie on the phone this evening and they told me that they got upset listening to the tape. Rhian said it was lovely to hear our voices. [Having heard my own voice, it won’t have been that lovely.]

Minnie didn’t understand that it was just a tape recording and was looking for us in the house! Ahh.

Abby and Cleo have been reunited and had a chase.

I really miss everyone still in Caithness but hopefully I’ll get over it soon. Bye!


Saturday 24th I’m sorry I didn’t write much when I was in Caithness, it was just I had a lot to do in the evenings and I kept forgetting. Sorry!

It was nice (ok, very nice) to wake up in my own bed this morning. I must have been tired because I didn’t wake up until about 10 am.

I just mooched around until Emma phoned and invited me to her house. It rained whilst I was there so we played with her 2 kittens.

This evening I’ve felt weird. You know what I mean by everything’s muzzy? You can’t concentrate or think straight. A mixture of tiredness and ear problems making me low probably. Bye!

Sunday 25th Hello fans! I hope you are anyway. [Who did I think is reading this? I never wanted anyone to read this back then!]

Auntie G and Grandma S came today. I didn’t see much of them really because they went shopping and I watched the football.

It was Man Utd v Blackburn Rovers and ended at 2-2. It was odd because Abby and I had read that the match was being held at Ewood Park but actually I think it was at Old Trafford.

Anyway, we’ve had 2 scares this evening. The first was when we were walking the dog and a whole flock of sheep stampeded towards us! Brave, fearless Mollie barked and they all ran off again.

The 2nd scary thing was when Abby and I were sitting in the back room watching TV when we heard something at the back door. It sounded like someone trying to get in but the handle didn’t seem to move. We legged it and let Mollie bark to her heart’s content. Mum and Dad have kind of convinced us it was probably the cat but Mum says if she sees anyone or hears anything suspicious she will call 999 police straight away. I hope we won’t have to! Bye!

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