I hope my spots go before school – 26th & 27th August 1996

Monday 26th

August 1996 - Westie Scottie

[Mollie and her boyfriend Dougal.]

I’ve not done much today really. We went to town and then came home again because all the shops are closed. It’s a bank holiday.

August 1996 - Money

Why is it that they always have bank holidays in school hols? It’s not fair! They should have them when we’re at school so we have days off. Don’t you think?

I watched the film of Grease this afternoon. That was good.

August 1996 - Grease word

August 1996 - Grease

Right, I haven’t got much more to say except I hope my spots go before school. I hope I’ll have a good time. Bye!

Tuesday 27th I bought a watch this afternoon. It’s a Pop-Swatch. That means you can take it off the strap and take it out of the plastic bit, put the plastic bit under clothing and put the time part back in as a brooch. [Not following? Fear not! I drew a diagram…]

August 1996 - Watch

It’s mostly black with stars on. Simple! (Not!)

We also went to Grandma S’s house for tea.

I’m going go Granada Studios tomorrow with Emma. I think Mum’s worried because we’re going on the train! Bye!

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