Yuck! Creepy!! – 23rd November 2001

Friday 23rd  I had a Chemistry lab this morning and Kevin totally ignored me. It turned out that he’d been dumped again last night. I don’t know why cos I never said that. He probably wanted me to follow him when he left but I didn’t know he’d gone and I wouldn’t have wanted to ruin my night anyway. Sorry if that sounds selfish but he did annoy me a bit.

All day Archie kept saying how I should wear skirts more often. He also asked if he could have my duvet cos he’s borrowing Sophie’s (a girl out of his flat who he fancies) who’s gone on holiday. It was for Tim to borrow and they were sniffing it all night cos it smells of her. Yuck! Creepy!!

Cat arrived this evening so just went up to the Arbar with Katy, Jen, Kevin and Archie cos we were knackered. We didn’t stay long and came back to my room to catch up. I’m glad she’s here.


[Me, Cat and a pint of diesel. Note the diesel-coloured lips suggesting it may not have been pint number 1.]

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