Kevin said he loves me – 22nd November 2001

Thursday 22nd  The ‘Skool Disco’ at Milton tonight was overall pretty good but there were a couple of things that spoilt it slightly. I’ll get these out of the way first.

One was the fact that Jake was up on the stage with Bronwen doing dodgy thrusting dance moves at her and playing the party games (e.g. how many sex positions you can do in a minute or whatever) and I wasn’t really enjoying watching it cos I was stuck with miserable Kevin.

This leads me on to the 2nd bad thing (well, it should’ve been bad but I wasn’t all that bothered) which was that Kevin saw me watching Jake and went home early in a strop. It just spoilt it cos I felt really guilty. He shouldn’t have been so paranoid. I could’ve just been admiring Jake’s school blazer or something.

Archie was going on about how much he fancied Bronwen in her school uniform but then later (when pissed) told me I was top of the list instead. Ahh, I like Archie! He kept feeling my legs though, saying they were nice and I should wear skirts more often. Archie’s mate Tim from home was quite nice actually but apparently he’s still at school or something cos he failed exams and stuff, I think.

I was absolutely freezing in my somewhat skimpy school uniform on the way to and on the bus so Ben gave me his coat. Then he got cold so I had to give it back.

He told me that Kevin said he loves me. No way! He can’t, he’s only known me a few weeks and I’m not even nice to him. Ben agreed he can’t love me that quickly. It sounded like he knew but then he did have a girlfriend for 18 months.

I had a message from Ben when I got in saying that everyone thinks he fancies me. I asked if it was true and he eventually replied saying, “I DO LIKE U, U DO LOOK GOOD IN SCHOOL UNIFORM BUT I WOULD NEVER HAVE DONE ANYTHING BEHIND ANYONE’S BACK. I DON’T WANNA MARRY ANYONE, JUST THINK UR FIT.” Why couldn’t he have said that when I wasn’t with Kevin? Bloody typical! I like Ben a lot.


P.S. I had my arse pinched too which Kevin didn’t like!

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