Cat keeps calling him “Threehead” – 24th November 2001

Saturday 24th  I went into town with Cat and Kevin today to get a bit of shopping done and get my photos developed. The photos are pretty good actually so everyone wants copies.

We went out to town tonight with Kevin, Katy, Jake and his flatmate Claire (but seeing as Layla’s friend is called Claire too, Jake’s Claire can be called ‘Bridget’ cos that’s what Cat reckons she looks like and she couldn’t stand her!).

[Me, Cat, Jake, Katy and Bridget]

We started off in Milton where Ben was also with his flatmates Fit Phil and Jon. There was some Southern Comfort competition on and Kevin, Ben, Fit Phil and Jon entered. They only won a bottle of Southern Comfort though.

I tried to dump Kevin while we were in Milton cos I’m really not keen on him at all and so it’s not fair on him. I had to try a couple of methods including the “I’m a lesbian with Cat” one but it didn’t work. Seeing as he’s a lad, he’d probably quite like that actually!

On the way out of Milton to Warehouse, a really nice looking bloke said, “She’s lovely” and looked directly at me and smiled. I almost forgot I was still with Kevin and turned round to follow the bloke but then remembered. It’s pretty much guaranteed that as soon as I’m single again, no fit lad will want me.

When we got to Warehouse I decided to dump Kevin and get it over with. It wasn’t too difficult actually cos he kind of agreed that it wasn’t working or whatever. He still didn’t seem too happy about it and convinced me to just break up until Christmas and then “review the situation”. I didn’t want to get his hopes up about getting back together but I decided to agree cos he might have got over it by then.

Cat got upset over Dominatron Matt who she’s just been dumped by. She said she’s missing him even though he bites and chains her up and has whips etc. Sounds a bit scary to me, especially when she told me he blindfolded her and held the flat side of the blade of a knife on her chest and told her to guess what it was. Freak!

I convinced her to have a slush cocktail thing and she cheered up after that and pulled a little pissed lad called Simon. One of Simon’s mates was coming on to me but I couldn’t do anything cos of Kevin. I had my eye on another lad with baggy jeans, spiky messy hair, chain etc. (the kind of look I’ve decided I really like) but then fucking Kevin started talking to him and telling him how he’d just been dumped by me. Cheers!

I was speaking to Ben quite a bit. He said the way I was being with Kevin is what blokes do. No it’s not! Why can’t girls do it? Just cos we’re expected to fall madly in love really quickly and follow lads round like little sheep and then get dumped and cry for weeks on end. Well, that’s what I got the impression Ben thinks it should be like. He’s a gimp but I still fancy him, even though Cat keeps calling him “Threehead” cos she reckons he’s got no forehead. He does.


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