I’LL ALWAYS B WAITING 4 U – 3rd & 4th November 2001

Saturday 3rd  Ben was texting me all day today saying he’ll let me know how Kevin is and stuff. Kevin rang me pretty early on and said that he’ll wait and see if I change my mind but won’t mither me. He also sent a nice message saying, “I COULDN’T SAY THIS IN THE PHONE BUT LIKE U SAID, IT’S EASIER TO SAY IT IN A TEXT MESSAGE. MY FEELINGS FOR U WON’T CHANGE SO I’LL ALWAYS B WAITING 4 U WHEN UR READY. X” Aww! I feel sooo guilty now but then it wasn’t fair to carry on seeing him either, I suppose.

Abby and I went up to the Arbar for about 5 minutes but left so quickly cos it was crap. I don’t know where everyone was. Actually, they were probably either at home or recovering from last night. I saw Kevin briefly too. He was on his way home as I was arriving and didn’t say much.


Sunday 4th  Abby went home this afternoon and I spent the rest of the day panicking about work and being thick. Ok, so I’m not totally thick but I don’t half feel it sometimes. I’ve got so much work too, all of which needs to be done on computer which I haven’t got and all the ones at uni are being used by other panicky people.

I went to the Arbar again tonight with Marc, Lewis and Marc’s posse. Kevin was there on his own and came and sat with us. He was really quiet though and I felt really sorry for him. If it was a deliberate attempt to make me feel awful, it worked very well!

Vicky did karaoke there too which was quite funny. It’s not that she can’t sing, it was just cos I would’ve have expected her to do it.


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