Up her top or down her pants – 5th November 2001

Monday 5th  Jen moved to Storthes properly today so we made sure we went out into town to introduce her to the Huddersfield nightlife.

I went to the Arbar (cos they had a bonfire and stuff) with Layla and her mates and boyfriend, and I was meant to meet Jen there but couldn’t find her. I went back to my room to get changed and watched the firework display which was right outside my window, and then finally managed to get hold of Jen.

Kevin, Archie, Jen and I were the only ones who went out in the end but it was still quite good. We got the Vodka Bus down to Revolution where Jen made me buy 6 shots for £5 cos she was too. I didn’t take much persuading but then I was very, very pissed afterwards.

We then made our way to Camel Club where Jen started dancing, Archie tried to avoid her, and Kevin and I had a chat. I told him I was kind of regretting my decision to dump him, which was true because he looked really nice and I just wanted to snog him. I probably shouldn’t have said that but I wasn’t anywhere near sober so it just came out. Nothing happened though.

Jen told me that Kevin was worried there’s something going on between me and Ben cos she told him Ben had something to do with me making up my mind to dump him.

Jen ended up spending most of the night snogging random blokes and trying to keep the fact that one had his hand up her top or down her pants hidden! It didn’t work. I was very obvious and even a bouncer came over and told them to calm down!

I found a condom in Archie’s wallet so he and Kevin told me to give it to Jen. I tried but she was so pissed she couldn’t grip it hard enough to get hold of it.

When we were going to get a taxi, Jen and her bloke caused us to take ages by stopping in every shop doorway along the way. When we eventually got a taxi, she refused to get in it without her bloke and got one back later. God knows where she is now!


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