I tried to dump Kevin again – 1st & 2nd November 2001

Thursday 1st  Yey! It’s my birthday in 12 days’ time!! 🙂 I had a bit of a boring day really. I stayed in tonight too. Kevin said he really likes my name.


Friday 2nd  Ben and Rick spent all day asking about Abby and when she was arriving just to wind me up and it was beginning to work too.

Abby got here at about 6pm and unloaded all her stuff onto my already messy bedroom floor. I’d arranged to meet the lads and people at the Arbar at 7:30pm so we went up there at about 8, just to make sure we wouldn’t look like complete losers!

Marc and Violet came too so we sat with them and Marc’s posse in one of the pool rooms. Abby beat Marc at pool, we drank a pint of diesel each (after adding my own Ribena), met up with Ben, Rick, Kevin and Archie, and then headed for Milton Hall. We didn’t stay there long cos it was a bit quiet but we won free shots with some scratch cards then left for Varsity.

We were all a bit pissed by then but drank loads of shots of something apple flavoured anyway. I tried to dump Kevin again by telling him I really wasn’t sure I wanted a boyfriend right now but, again, he managed to talk me round before I made it an official dumping. I tried to do it cos there were so may nice lads about (one of which Abby tried to drag into the toilets!) and I was wishing I was single so I could try and pull at least one. I’ve not really had as much chance to do it as most people my age after being stuck with Jake for so long. I reckon maybe that’s why I’m not appreciating having a boyfriend as much now. Before Jake I’d been single for ages so I was so glad to finally get a proper boyfriend.

After Varsity we all went to Warehouse. There was a group of knobhead lads in there saying they were kickboxers to me and Abby cos she mentioned it to one of them. One kneed me in the leg so they so obviously were. I very nearly lamped him but some of my mates were watching so I thought better of it.

We got the bus back after Warehouse. Violet and Marc and his posse were on the bus too. We’d lost them early and they’d managed to pick up a semi-conscious girl called Gail. She really wasn’t well! Someone on the bus threw a Chinese rib thing and it hit Abby on the head. She was far from pleased and started kicking off at the lads at the back who were laughing at her. I really thought she was going to injure someone but she just got off the bus and cried in the end.

She was okay again a few minutes later when we were walking back to my room. Instead of going to bed though, we decided to ring Kevin and go and find some derelict buildings in the woods. He brought Ben along too and wore his daft Guinness hat. We found a building so I held the torch with Abby while Ben and Kevin squeezed through a gap in the fence. Once they were through, we switched off the torch and ran. We could hear them scrambling to find the gap and they eventually did and caught up with us.

When we got back in my block, Abby, Ben and I sat on the stairs until about 5am just chatting about stuff. I really think I fancy Ben but I’m not sure why! He was telling us how he’s seeing some girl called Jodie but has just been dumped by his girlfriend after a year and a half (cos of the distance – he comes from Suffolk) so he doesn’t want a proper relationship just yet. However, Jodie does. I said I was in the same situation with Kevin and Ben advised me to dump him.

Ben told me that, during Freshers’ Week, he, Kevin and Rick were picking which girls they thought were nicest off our course. Rick said Sally but the other two said me. 🙂 Ben said it was between me and Sally but she’s just not his type.

When I finally got into my room, my head was all messed up and confused over what to do about Kevin. In the end, I dumped him via text message. I know it’s cruel but when I tried to tell him to his face, he talked me out of it. I said something along the lines of, “I know this isn’t the best way to do this but I really don’t want another relationship so soon after Jake. It’s really weird. If there’d been a few more months between you both then it’d be fine but that’s not the way it’s worked out. Sorry.”

I feel so awful now.


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