I’m not bitter, honest!! – 16th October 2001

Tuesday 16th Kevin was holding my hand and stuff in lectures today. It’s quite nice but makes me feel really uncomfortable when people notice cos they point it out to the person next to them!

I spoke to Lewis (another of my flatmates) when I got in and he was in the Arbar yesterday too and said Marc’s really gutted about me and Kevin. Apparently Marc kept calling Kevin “the one she chose over me”. I felt even more guilty after hearing that but Kevin said he likes the sound of “The One” part. Fuck off! That’s way too creepy. He shouldn’t be saying that when we’ve only been together a few days. He’s beginning to scare me off. Plus I don’t fancy him as much in the day when his hair’s all fluffy and ungelled.

Oh yeah, Kevin also mentioned the words “going out” when talking about us today.

I went to Ben Sandler’s birthday party in Flat 3 this evening but I didn’t stay long cos it was crap. Instead I went to Milton Hall Student Union bar with Vi, Marc, Layla and Lewis out of my flat. I saw Jake (my ex-boyfriend) in there. I spoke to him briefly but then some girls came over and hugged him and the lad he was sat with. Then he went off to Visage with them. I’ve no idea who they were and I wasn’t really that bothered actually. It’s obvious he fancies this girl called Bronwen anyway. Actually, when I tied my hair up tonight, I bared a scary resemblance to her just for a moment. That’s probably not why he likes her though. It’s more likely to be because her brother runs the ski club. Oh and I suppose she’s quite pretty too if you ignore the fact she slightly slouches. I’m not bitter, honest!!

Vi told me that Marc said if Kevin likes me as much as he does then it’s all okay. That’s really sweet! I feel even worse now! I told Kevin that and he said, “I LIKE YOU MORE”.

A lad called Rob who’s here (I made contact with him on virginstudent.com before I arrived) rang me tonight. He wanted to meet up in Visage but I didn’t end up going. If he’s fit I’m going to be pissed off!!


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