I’m sure she’ll work it out – 15th October 2001

Monday 15th Jen (a girl off my course) mentioned to me today that she thought Kevin fancied me. For some reason I didn’t tell her about what happened over the weekend but I’m sure she’ll work it out sooner or later.

I saw Kevin when I got back to Storthes and we just watched TV in my room for ages until we decided to go to the cinema instead. We got a taxi from the bus stop by uni after getting the bus down to Huddersfield and sat in the bar for ages before the film started.

While we were in the bar he mentioned that when he first saw me he thought I was shy but I don’t think he sees me as shy anymore! He also mentioned my birthday and said he wants to get me something “really special”. Ooh good!

We saw American Pie 2 and it was so funny. I liked the 1st one too but I’m not sure which was better. Some of it was totally sick but then that’s what I was expected after seeing the 1st one!

Kevin didn’t snog me until we were outside afterwards waiting for the taxi. When we got back, we went up to the Arbar and Marc was there with his “posse” (his coursemates). Normally, that wouldn’t have been a problem but Marc recently told me he really, really likes me so I felt really awful being with Kevin in front of him. I suppose I should really just confront Marc about it but I really don’t know what to say so I’ll continue avoiding him for the time being!


P.S. Kevin also told me the girls in his flat want to meet me. Aarrghh!! I hate meeting people properly and being introduced etc.!

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