What if I’ve missed a really good chance? – 17th & 18th October 2001

Wednesday 17th Kevin helped me with my chemistry in our Molecular Sciences lecture this morning. It’s a good job he did cos I didn’t have a clue what I was doing!

This evening, all my flatmates decided to go to the cinema to see Fast + Furious but I didn’t feel like it so Kevin came round instead to watch TV cos his is hidden in a store cupboard just in case the TV Licence people pick on his flat! We only kissed twice (slightly frustratingly) and it tends to be me that starts it off. He said I’m really cute when I’m sleepy though.

Ok, this is not a good thing….. I’m now kind of wondering what it’d be like being with Marc now. What if I’ve missed a really good chance? His parents do have a Jacuzzi in their bedroom! I’m not going to go messing people about though. I’ll stick with Kevin for now.


Thursday 18th We had a short field trip to some greenhouse or other this afternoon. It was unbearably hot and Jen fainted. That got us both out of doing any work 🙂 cos she had to sit down and I had to make sure she stayed sat down cos she kept trying to do stuff!

I had a pretty good night out tonight. I started off in the Arbar with Kevin and then we got the bus to Bar Club Non with Ben and his flatmates. I snogged Kevin loads which made a nice change but I also had to witness Jake snogging some girl. That was weird cos I haven’t seen him with anyone else before but I wasn’t really that bothered. So much for my theory about him being gay! She was pretty minging! 🙂 Hee hee!!

I did speak to Jake at one point about Bronwen. I asked if he’d got anywhere with her yet and he jokingly told me “shut up” and said his flatmates keep taking the piss about it too. That’s because it’s so damn obvious!

Sally Tiernan and Rick Dobson off my course got together tonight as well. She went with [snogged] Kevin the other week but apparently Rick’s been after her since the start.

Kevin told me he’ll miss me when I go home this weekend. I think I’ll miss him too actually. Apparently I’ve got the same middle name as his sister, Laura, and he said he’s got no problem with me going all cuddly when I’m drunk/tired. Kevin’s middle name is Derek.


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