Cleaning menus and folding napkins – 28th August 2000

Monday 28th Grandma S and Auntie G came today but I didn’t see much of them cos I had to work from 5pm until finish (which was about 9:30pm tonight). I spent all day worrying and getting upset cos I really didn’t want to work there again but I decided I’d be stupid to give it up after just one day.

Then I got even more upset cos Jake texted me and said he couldn’t ring me today and I realised how much I am actually missing him! He sent me my horoscope though to try and make me feel better cos it said something about getting noticed at work and that luck’s on my side. That was sweet of him!

Today’s emails →Jake cruise email 9

Reply to Jake email 9

I did actually speak to him at about 1am this morning cos he still had a signal. That was really nice but I had to whisper so I didn’t wake anyone up!

Work wasn’t half as bad as I thought it’d be! I don’t think I’ll quit just yet! I got paired up with Gethin and got the exciting job of cleaning menus and folding napkins again!


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