“Look at the arse on that!” – 19th August 2000

Saturday 19th Rhian, Abby and I all went into Wick today. There were some youngish lads walking behind us at one point and then they said, “Look at the arse on that!” and then were kicking stuff at me and trying to make me turn round so they could see what I looked like. I didn’t react.

We met up with Laura and Tamara again who was still babysitting the same baby. Apparently he was the 1st Millennium baby in Wick or something and he’s really cute!

The lads round here tend to drive round in circles and there were 3 cars that kept driving past us. One was the red Ford Fiesta which we always saw last year but it only had Greg Thompson in it (who’s actually improved since I last saw him). Another was a black VW containing Stephen something and 2 others. The other one was a blue Nova which had Mark Ferguson in the back but it wasn’t much good cos I couldn’t see him cos of the tinted windows!

I also saw my ex, Duncan Morgan, for the 1st time since last summer. He was just walking along and didn’t speak to us.

Jake phoned me this evening. He was on the cruise ship and was just setting off from Southampton. He told me that it was about 50/50 with old and young people. I was hoping it was going to be all old people cos that way he’d be less likely to get up to stuff! Not that he will anyway but I can’t help being paranoid!

He told me that he’s got my necklace around his wrist so he can think about me even more and not lose it. It was a bit upsetting talking to him cos I won’t be able to again until at least Tuesday cos he has no signal on his phone out at sea. Plus he told me Hugo was already eyeing up girls and I assume he’ll have to hang round with him cos he doesn’t know anyone else.

Ohh, I’m going to miss him sooooo much! I am doing already. I just feel so far away from him.

It was Laura’s dad’s birthday today so they had a party at their house tonight and we were invited. I saw Kate and Amelia again which was nice cos we were good friends with them last year. Duncan eventually said hi to me and let me take a photo of him! Tamara got very pissed and cried cos she didn’t want me, Abby and Kate to go back to England again! Laura was on the phone to Mark Ferguson nearly all night apologising about something and Rhian spewed everywhere in the house and on Amelia! Abby and I were sober compared to that lot!

Due to Rhian’s “illness” we had to come home early but it was still quite good.


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