It’d all been a dream – 19th & 20th February 1999

Friday 19th I’ve only just got in from doing that waitressing for that catering company. I got £10 for it and I actually quite enjoyed myself. There were a few of us doing it and the blokes eating weren’t too pervy. There was me, Hayley, Pamela Rhodes, Leona Wright, Ste Rollinson, Charles Kincade, 3 older women and 2 girls called Dawn and Leanne who I don’t know. I think I’d do it again if I was ever asked.

Charles and this little Mark lad (Lyn’s son) made me a bit paranoid at one point. I went into the kitchen to do some drying with Hayley and Mark nudged Charles and said, “Look, turn around. Behind you.” Charles sort of gave him a “shut up” sort of look and got on with what he was doing while Mark was grinning. I dunno what it was all about though.

Well, now that’s done with, there’s nothing else coming up in the near future for me to even slightly look forward to.

I’ve just remembered, this time last year would have been my last full day of skiing and I’d probably be at the disco now or walking back with Ferny wearing his fleece. Ahh, memories!


Saturday 20th When I woke up this morning I was really content. I was best mates with Emma again, I was friends with everyone else, I had at least 3 parties or other social events coming up in the near future, I was in with a chance with fit lads, I was getting on well with other lads and I was generally happy.

Then I realised it’d all been a dream and life was completely the opposite. I was so disappointed. It must’ve been some sort of flashback to this time last year. I’d have been sat on the coach again now, coming home from skiing with Ferny sat behind me being nice.

It was different but like that dream in some ways. I was best mates with Emma, I had lots of friends, I went out loads to the cinema and stuff, I was getting on very well with Ferny, Ralph fancied me, I was getting on well with Ed, Dougie, Jez, Graham, Freddie etc. and I was just generally happy.


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