A yes-I-do-fancy-Tess look – 20th-21st February 1998

Friday 20th – Saturday 21st

Back on the coach again. Emma went with [snogged] Freddie. Yuk! I had to shift out of my seat too. Bloody slapper! 3 people in 2 nights!

Ferny was being dead nice to me again. The teachers were giving back the E111 forms and passport things and I found out Ferny’s full name is William Thomas Fernley and he’s got 3 sisters. Jez is Jeremy Paul Greenhalgh and his birthday is 26th Oct.

Everyone’s teasing me and Ferny coz our dads have the same name. People keep saying we’re brother and sister now!

Emma asked him if he fancied me again and he said yes again. She asked him seriously and she then said he just didn’t say anything but had a yes-I-do-fancy-Tess look about him.

Graham asked me if I’d go with [snog] Ralph. I said no. Then, off the coach, Ralph asked me if I’d go with Ferny. I wanted to say yes but Ralph was pissing about I think.

Ferny wears contacts. [Ha! Totally worth noting down.]


3 thoughts on “A yes-I-do-fancy-Tess look – 20th-21st February 1998

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