We’re either going to do B*witched, Steps or All Saints – 2nd & 3rd December 1998

Wednesday 2nd My friends and I all decided to go and see this concert that was being put on at lunch to raise money for the Senior Citizens Party. Ed organised it mostly but it had quite a few people I know in it. People like Ewan. He was playing the guitar for Jill Baines and Sally Reed who were singing.

Me, Emma, Olivia and Lena have now decided that if another one like that is put on, we’re either going to do B*witched, Steps or All Saints. Ha! Yeah right, we’d all chicken out!

[I liked All Saints because Emma once told me that I looked like Nicole Appleton. I wished! I did not look like Nicole Appleton.]

My whole year’s got a 2nd set of GCSE Science module tests to do tomorrow. I think I’m going to do really badly to tell you the truth.

I’m really in need of summit good or fun to happen. I need summit I can discuss with people for ages afterwards, you know? I’m bored of everything being the same or going wrong. I think the last really good thing was Austria back in February. We still talk about that now.


Thursday 3rd I don’t think my Science module exams went very well. I’m worried now. Really worried. We won’t know how well we did for ages though now.

I was in C Block at lunch with Rach and Emma when Ewan and his mates came in. Ewan stopped with us and just leaned against the wall. We were all involved in one conversation about Emma dumping Davis Nolan last night over the phone but we didn’t really speak to each other.

I think he came over to give me the chance to speak to him but I didn’t really. Yet another wasted chance. It was like he was waiting for me to speak to him and I was waiting for him to speak to me and because neither of us did, we didn’t really talk to each other at all.

I don’t really know why he can’t just talk to me really. I s’pose it’s me that likes him and not the other way round so he doesn’t really care whether I talk to him or not.

While I was stood there, Adrian Ford walked behind me and tapped me on the shoulder, grinned, raised his eyebrows and nodded his head towards Ewan then walked off. What does he know? Has Ewan said summit to him about me liking him? I think he must have done.

Oh yeah, Adrian’s single again now coz he and Gemma Crowther had a mutual split according to him.

Oh yeah, and another thing Emma told me this morning was that in her Art lesson yesterday, Ewan told her that I hadn’t approached him yet and she asked him, “What d’you think she’s s’posed to do? Just walk up to you and start talking?” He sort of shrugged, I think.

I went to see Showtime at school this evening. It was pretty crap really.


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