He’s pretty fit except he has to wear goggles – 6th-11th December 1998

Sunday 6th I went to Emma’s last night with Hayley, Lena, Lindsey, Georgia, Ed, Tasha, Davis and Az Hart. When all the girls except me and Emma had gone, I ended up on my bill as usual. The only one who paid me any attention was Ed and then he had to go. So, there was just me, Emma, Az and Davis.

It was okay until Suzanna phoned coz then Az started talking to her for hours then Emma and Davis went in another room to talk. I just went in for a second to ask her summit and she slammed the door in my face. Bitch! If she’s going to be like that at the garden centre party with all her little workmates then I’m not bloody going. Of course, I’ll leave it until Friday afternoon before I tell her! Ha ha ha!!! (Evil laughter.) She always says she won’t ignore me but she always does.

You know that fit Baker lad that was at the Open Evening on Monday? Well, he’s called John and has started working at the bakery (hmm, I wonder why!) in the next village. Lena reckons he’s a geek and Hayley reckons she’ll be going out with him by the end of the week. I hope not coz we’ll never hear the end of it if she does.


Wednesday 9th I skived off assembly with Freda this morning. There was some theatre group that came in and we hadn’t been registered coz Miss R wasn’t in so we hid in the toilets.

Ewan was playing basketball after school. He’s pretty fit except he has to wear goggles to stop his glasses getting damaged. Cat Elliot was telling me that he likes All Saints coz he was listening to them on his Walkman and singing along.

From that we somehow got onto the subject of a girl called Emma who used to go to their primary school and how they all used to sit on the field and then suddenly she just jumped Ewan coz she fancied him. She blamed it on her hormones and he went really, really red. Aaah, poor Ewan!


Friday 11th At lunch I had a couple of shocks. The first was when I was out of school for lunch and Ewan and his mates were quite a way back. I sort of turned to the side to talk to Emma and I saw someone in a cream coloured coat running towards us. At first I thought, “Oh my God, it’s Ewan!” but then I was sure it was Ryan Bowland so I stopped panicking. That was until Ewan caught up and started talking to Emma. It had been him after all.

He didn’t say much interesting really, he was just talking about the Manics concert. I don’t know why he left his mates who were way behind us really. They too caught up eventually and went elsewhere.

The second shock was when I walked round a corner and Jim Brackenhurst went “BOO!” right up close in my face. Abby’ll be jealous!

The garden centre thing was pretty boring and Paul Nutt who’s a complete freak who slashes himself and who there’s a rumour going round about that he fucked a cat and burnt it (hmmm, I’m not sure about the rumour) and, anyway, he told Emma he fancied me. Then told her to tell me. Then later asked her what she thought I’d say if he asked me out. She said no, thank goodness! But later, luckily some girl called Joanne went with [snogged] him. She obviously doesn’t know him very well.

Emma reckons if Ewan had’ve been there he’d have gone with [snogged] me. She shouldn’t have said that coz it just made me more pissed off that he wasn’t there.


P.S. I’ve just remembered. I got a really nice smile off Ewan after school. I did smile back too.

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