It felt like it was bubbling – 15th November 1996

My Friday 15th My year all had our TB injections today. I wasn’t as worried as I usually am because I have had other jabs recently and they just pricked as they went in and then it was fine. But the one jab I don’t get worked up about was the worst ever! I really would have had a reason to be bothered.

All I really need to say is OWW! It was horrid.

The doctor put the needle in and that hurt enough because it’s quite a big one but it seemed to be in my arm for ages. It was sore and I was tempted to move my arm away. I didn’t.

I watched as he pressed the end if the needle. My arm came up in a white lump. It was only small but it felt like it was bubbling as he pulled it out. I really don’t want to do that again.

At the moment I am quite good friends with Lizzie. She lives near Dougie. Not as close as Lucy who lives next door to him. Poor Dougie. He once told me Lucy was the next door neighbour from hell which I have to say I can believe. She’s my friend but she whinges on and on.

Lizzie said I’ll have to go over to hers one day and we’ll call for Dougie just to embarrass him. I don’t think we’d have the guts really!


Abby’s Friday 15th Hi, I stuck a hook down my nail by accident yesterday and it is really, really sore.

I swapped two of my Game Boy games (Tom & Jerry and The Jungle Book) for two off Lana Andrews (Bugs Bunny and Solar Striker). They’re really good although I haven’t had a proper go on Solar Striker yet.

Bye x

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