I glared at every lad that looked at me – 16th November 1996

My Saturday 16th I went ice skating with Emma and Hayley. Abby decided to go round Altrincham with Mum. Hayley hasn’t been since she was little so she was pretty hopeless. Emma was ok and I’m not bad either. I would like to go more often but it’s so far away.

November 1996 - Ice skate
Anyway, I got a “Happy birthday, Tess” from the DJ after Emma had gone and told him it had been on Tuesday.

A lad with dreadlocks asked Hayley out and so did another lad who rammed into her. Emma was asked out too. They both said no, of course. I wasn’t asked out because I glared at every lad that looked at me or told them to PISS OFF, just in case Mum turned up!

Also, this evening, me (sorry, I), Mum, Dad and Abby ate our tea at a pub down the road. We had a really nice meal there.


Abby’s Saturday 16th Hi, we went to Altrincham today with Emma and Hayley. I didn’t go ice skating because I didn’t feel like it. I think I’m getting a cold.

Then we went out at 7:30pm for Tess’s birthday. It was lovely.

Bye x

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