“Biology sessions” – 22nd & 23rd April 2001

Sunday 22nd I still keep getting those dizzy, rushing, weird feelings at night. 😦 It’s kind of like when something makes you jump and the rushing feeling you get. I don’t like it! I remembered today that Sarah said she gets weird hallucination-y dreamy things when she’s half asleep too! I get them all the time so I’m glad I’m not the only one!

Jake came round again today. We were talking about uni and he says he’s really looking forward to it. He was also talking about the house we could have one day and stuff too! 🙂 He sent me some messages last night about “special cuddles” and said “practice makes perfect” so we’ve got to practice lots! 🙂


Monday 23rd Last night’s messages consisted of stuff about “biology sessions” and how he’ll have to help me with certain parts of my revision! Somehow I don’t think much work would get done… not of the school kind anyway! Jake says he wants to do stuff on Friday night if we can. I want to but not really in my house with my family around.

I didn’t see Jake at all today cos I was at college and he was at home or at the gym in town. He did phone at about 6pm though which was nice of him.

Cat told me today that Mr L has a new victim. It’s Ellie Linton in Year 10… she’s only 15! He is such a pervert!

Cat said she’d spoken to Ellie about it. Ellie said he rang her about passports for the Russia trip and ended up telling her she was beautiful and what he was doing to himself (jerking off)! He’s sick!!

Ellie’s really upset by it cos he’s been her form tutor for years and she had confided in him about stuff and he used to play with her hair and stuff. Creepy! She feels like he’s been sort of bringing her up as some little plaything. I feel so sorry for her!


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