I feel unfit! – 24th to 26th April 2001

Monday 24th Sarah, Lizzie, Karen and I all went for a drive in Karen’s car during our frees today. We went all over the place, saw a pub called Fiddle I’th Bag and Mesnes Park and The Blue Bell which we all found amusing! We got lost and ended up in Wigan! We skived Geography/Maths too.

I felt a bit miserable before cos everyone seems to be going to the gym and I feel unfit! I really want to go kickboxing again but I’m scared that weird numb thing will come back or get worse again. I’ve decided to try a few exercises myself to see how it goes then I can choose how much I do rather than a bossy bloke at the front of a hall. I did warm ups (jogging on spot etc.), 50 sit ups and 30 leg lifts. Ouch!


Tuesday 25th I’ve decided to go back to kickboxing, maybe in a couple of weeks so I can build up to it properly myself. I did warm ups again, 50 sit ups and 30 leg lifts.

I saw Jake this evening. We just lay about and I found he’s got a ticklish neck if I do it gently! 3 happened and my arm went pretty tingly.

Connor and Abby didn’t get to kickboxing cos as they were driving over the speed bumps, that twat scally, Jav, kicked the side of the car and left a big scratch down it and then ran after the car. They stopped at Evie’s to ring the police. They probably won’t do anything though unfortunately.


Wednesday 26th I had to go to a Sports Studies revision conference at Salford Uni today. There were lots of lads there which kept Lizzie happy but it was sooo boring!

I finally finished my bacteria coursework for Biology this evening! I’m very proud cos it’s taken me weeks to get my head round it and I finally have done. Yey! 🙂

I didn’t do any exercises tonight. That was partly cos I couldn’t be bothered but mainly cos my legs went quite tingly after the short walk to the minibus. It hasn’t been doing it as much on short walks until now. I’m worried again!


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